20 Crazy Photos Of The Cast Of Counting Cars

The History Channel's Counting Cars is the network's third spin off from its mega-hit Pawn Stars, a series that is now responsible for more additional shows than The Golden Girls. That's not even counting the weird game show, Pawnography.

Counting Cars follows the crew at Count's Kustoms, a Las Vegas shop that specializes in fixing up and upgrading classic cars and bikes.

The cast includes proprietor Danny "Count" Koker, his best friend Kevin Mack, now-former manager Scott Jones, detailer Roli Szabo, painter Ryan Evans, and airbrush artist Michael Henry, who likes to put pointy horns on everything he makes and owns several pairs of his own that he wears everywhere.

Like their counterparts on American Restoration, the cast of Counting Cars show up in weird pictures all over the internet.

Most them are candid shots of them just being goofy in their off time. However, they also have busy social lives and animal friends, and they're not afraid to show them off on their social media feeds.

These interesting pictures provide an in-depth look at what these guys do when they aren't turning cars and motorcycles into rolling works of art.

With that said, here are the 20 Crazy Photos Of The Cast Of Counting Cars.

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Danny Koker as Count Cool Rider
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20 Count Cool Rider

Danny Koker as Count Cool Rider

The name of Counting Cars seems like it’s a nod to the Vegas setting (as in “counting cards”). However, it actually comes from the company, Count’s Kustoms, which takes its name from its owner, Danny “Count” Koker.

The origin of that nickname is probably not what you’d expect. It is assuming if you don’t already know where it came from. If that’s the case, none of this will be a surprise at all.

Before he hit the History Channel, Koker hosted a local TV station. On it, he hosted a weekly B-movie show called Saturday Fright at the Movies as a character called “Count Cool Rider.”

He was basically like Peter Vincent in Fright Night, but instead of a Cushing-esque hero, he was an Elvis impersonator who became a vampire... or maybe it was the other way around. Count Cool Rider’s backstory is still shrouded in mystery.

While his horror hosting days are over, Koker kept the nickname and passed it on to his shop.

It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense when he’s not dressed up as a vampire, but we can’t think of many nicknames that completely make sense outside of context, so we’re fine just letting this one go.

19 Roli runs on Diesel

Roli Szabo from Counting Cars and Diesel the Kangaroo

If you look through the team’s Twitter feeds, you’ll see the team at Count’s Kustoms hanging out with a variety of animal pals. However, one of the guys has the rest of them beat.

Detailer Roli Szabo posted this adorable picture of himself cradling an eight-month-old kangaroo named Diesel on his timeline, and we’re incredibly envious.

We’ve snuggled some cute animals in our time, but none of them quite hit this level. Nor have we gotten all snuggly with something destined to grow into a muscular nightmare beast with claws like a velociraptor. Remember that kangaroos are from Australia, and everything in that country is cartoonishly dangerous.

However, as of this picture, Diesel is just a baby, and that means that we can still admire how cute he is without having to do so from the safe side of a sheet of shatterproof glass.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t a fixture of the shop. He was only there for a short period while the film crew wasn’t even there, which is a huge shame.

Regardless of how much people already love Counting Cars, every show could benefit from a cameo from a young kangaroo. It’s just one of the rules that governs the universe.

18 We are not ready for take-off

Kevin Mack and Danny Koker from Counting Cars in a plane

This is Kevin Mack’s profile picture on Twitter, and it does not inspire confidence in air travel. Flying is already a huge, stressful drag for most people, and that’s true even without our fear of looking into the cockpit and having the dudes in there throw horns at us.

However, honestly, this is probably the picture we’d take if someone let us sit in the big chair. So it’s not like we can blame Kevin and Count for making the most of the opportunity.

One thing we’ve learned from combing the internet for candid photos of the Counting Cars cast, though, is that they never waste an opportunity to make that gesture.

Koker heads a rock band called Count’s 77, so he comes by the horns honestly. However, it’s possible to have too much of a good thing, and we’re pretty sure he’d throw them up over a plate of pancakes if a camera showed up at the right time, and that’s just not how it should work.

Those would have to be some pretty amazing flapjacks to get that kind of treatment.

Regardless, this picture is plenty of fun, and we don’t begrudge the guys their enthusiasm. If we liked flying, we’d be pretty excited, too.

17 The only sensible response

Ryan Evans from Counting Cars strangles Mini Mike

Of all of the Counting Cars cast, head painter and graphic artist Ryan Evans’ Twitter feed is our favorite.

It’s full of progress shots of both his old and new projects. It’s a great place for process nerds who are interested in checking out stuff that may not appear on the show. 

It also has less work-related photos like this one, which shows Evans having the natural reaction to an unsettling, miniature re-creation of his coworker, Mike.

This photo makes us think two things. The first is that we assume it’s better to take frustration out on “mini-Mike” than the full-sized version, especially with so many cameras around all the time. That’s just sound legal advice.

Even beyond that, though, look at that thing. We’re pretty sure if that thing was rolling around our office, we’d attack it, too. It gives off all the vibes of a cursed object, and if it weren’t incredibly dangerous to do so, we’d probably find a way to exorcise it in a fire sometime.

Mini-Mike has somehow supplanted the Saw franchise’s Billy the Puppet as the most haunting figure on a tricycle. So have at it, Ryan. We wish we could help.

16 Mike smiles big for the camera

Horny Mike from Counting Cars at the dentist

This vaguely terrifying picture of Mike about to have some dental work done comes from his Twitter account. Believe it or not, it’s one of the less disturbing pictures on there.

His feed is fine, really. You get to see how many different sets of horns he has, for one thing. We lost count, but it’s somewhere between “wow, that’s a lot” and “really, dude?" but hey, everyone has a thing, and Mike has to be true to himself. Also, it’s really an impressive collection.

Somehow, Mike’s dentist convinced him to take the things off for this procedure. It probably wasn’t hard. The last thing we want to do when someone’s poking around in our faces with sharp instruments and drills is to impede their movement. We’re pretty sure that a Viking hat would do just that.

Fans’ replies to this picture cover a lot of ground, but most people don’t envy him.

Others say that the dentist doesn’t scare them at all, and exactly zero commenters look at this picture and remember the horrific experimentation scene from the 1993 alien abduction movie Fire in the Sky. Or they did, but they just didn’t want to relive it. It was a rough sequence.

15 The Count becomes the King

Danny Count Koker from Counting Cars as Elvis

We can cite Halloween as an explanation for a lot of the wacky pictures we’ve turned up of the Counting Cars cast, but that’s not necessarily the case for this picture of Danny Koker with his band, Count’s 77.

One of the things about living in Las Vegas is that any day the mood strikes you, you can leave your house dressed up like Elvis Presley, and few people will notice, and even fewer will say anything.

It’s just something you can do there. We aren’t sure whether to say it’s one of the “best” parts about the place, but it’s definitely a pretty Vegas thing to do.

This picture is from Halloween 2016, by the way. However, the point is that it didn’t need to be. Count’s 77 was doing a tribute show to The King, and Koker got fully into the spirit of the event.

Under normal circumstances, our next question would be: where did he get that amazing suit? However, again, this is Las Vegas we’re talking about.

So the more interesting question would be: where couldn’t he have gotten that amazing suit? We’ve never been, but we just assume they hand them out at casinos when you head up to the buffet.

14 This is (not) Halloween

Ryan Evans and Horny Mike from Counting Cars on New Years Eve 2016

Believe it or not, this photo of Ryan Evans and Mike dressed like demons out of a comic book from the ‘70s is not from Halloween.

It’s from New Year’s Eve, which is a lot like Halloween except instead of candy, you get to second-guess every decision you’ve made over the past 12 months. At least, that’s how some people celebrate it. It may be a regional thing.

The guys’ pals in this photo are a couple of officers from the Las Vegas Police Department who are probably not there against their will.

We found a few pictures from that night floating around on Twitter, and it looks like the cops and the car guys were hanging out most of the night.

This could have been a security situation, sure. However, the better story that we tell ourselves is that the Counting Cars guys just thought it would be funny to put on those coats and grab as many photos as they could with their designated officers.

It’s like a mobile vaudeville act where the situation itself is the biggest punchline of all.

However, we’re pretty sure the LVMPD was just helping the celebrities stay safe. It’s not as fun, but it’s the most likely scenario.

13 Stop covering up the dog, Kevin

Kevin Mack from Counting Cars with a dog friend

Taking a picture with an adorable dog sounds like the easiest thing in the world. You just put yourself adjacent to the dog and hold it if possible. Then you smile, which shouldn’t be a problem because you are in the company of a cute baby dog. However, it’s actually harder than that.

The first hard truth you have to realize is that while you may be in this picture, it is not about you at all. Here’s how we know: when you first looked at this photo of Kevin Mack holding a little dog friend at the Nevada SPCA, did you think, “hey, Kevin looks great?"

We’re willing to bet that it was more like, “that puppy is so little and cute, and I would like to put my face on it, please.” Then, maybe, “oh hey, it’s Kevin from Counting Cars.”

That’s even despite the fact that Mack is hogging the show here. Look at him with his peace sign and not letting the dog face the camera.

He’s definitely trying to upstage the pooch here. However, thankfully it’s not working.

We still noticed the dog first because look at those tiny paws and ears and snout.

12 We did not see that one coming

Roli Szabo from Counting Cars as Batman

We cross-checked the date that Roli Szabo posted this picture on Twitter with all major holidays during which it might be appropriate to dress up like Batman and found no explanation.

That is, unless National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day is just way more amazing than we realized.

However, if you own the Batsuit — which Roli does — you might as well wear it. In fact, it would be a shame to only bring out something that cool only on Halloween.

Maybe he just took a cue from Parks & Recreation and declared his own “Treat Yo’ Self” day and then did exactly what Ben does on the show.

Honestly, though, we may be overthinking this. It’s probably just an old Halloween photo that he found and posted. Or he just wanted all of his followers to know that he’s not just a nerd for cars. Or he lost a bet.

Plenty of mundane reasons exist for Roli to have posted a picture of himself decked out like the Caped Crusader, and none of them are bad because it is one more Batsuit than most people own.

Also, if you’re of a disposition to don the cape and cowl, you don’t really need a reason. You just need a place.

11 The photo everyone takes in Vegas

Ryan Evans, Horny Mike and Rock N Roli from Counting Cars at D Casino by Glen Brogan

The internet has no shortage of the Counting Cars guys hanging out with women both in and outside of casinos. That’s especially true of Mike. It’s super uncanny, and we’re beginning to think that his nickname on the show isn’t just about his choice of headgear.

Here’s Mike, Ryan, and Roli at a premiere party back in 2015. It was at the D Casino Hotel, and it celebrated new episodes during the show’s sixth season.

The women in the picture are members of the establishment’s team of Dancing Dealers, which seems like it would make getting the cards out way tougher. However, we’re not going to argue with professionals.

Another, possibly even weirder photo op came out of this event, too. That’s because part of the festivities included Mike’s customized Smart car, the creation of which appears on the show.

He hopped into the improbably suped-up tiny car for everyone’s entertainment, and it’s mostly just a reminder that Smart cars are often as silly-looking as they are fuel-efficient-- and they are incredibly fuel-efficient.

Anyway, Mike’s version has an ogre-like creature on it, along with some lightning. Also, yes, the car has horns in addition to the one that sounds when you press the steering wheel. That’s just how Mike does things.

10 Roli's electric dream machine

Roli Szabo from Counting Cars and his tiny electric vehicle

Smaller cars get a lot of grief, but this electric vehicle that Roli restored and painted a few years ago is one that we wouldn’t mind driving around in for a bit.

This is a CitiCar, which was a model of electric vehicles that now-defunct manufacturer Sebring-Vanguard created in the mid-‘70s in response to the nationwide gas crisis.

They’re a little odd-looking, sure, but they’re still pretty cute and fit their era. It’s also probably not surprising that they’re based on the design of a golf cart, since Sebring-Vanguard was based in Florida.

They’re scrappy little things, and their novelty and clever engineering outweigh their slight limitations. They were only two-seaters, for one thing, and they topped out at about 40 miles an hour.

Their range per charge was also only about 40 miles. So they probably weren’t the first — or even tenth — pick for a road trip. That’s especially true considering their meager 12 cubic feet of storage.

Roli originally planned to throw a motorcycle engine into his CitiCar, which would have probably given it a little more versatility and range.

However, he says on Twitter that he’d have had to completely revamp the frame to make that work, and we’d hate to ruin that shape.

9 The other two-finger gesture

Horny Mike from Counting Cars

This photo of Mike hobnobbing with some fans raises a lot of questions, the first being: does he sleep in the horns?”We assume that he does, at least part of the time.

However, it’s also a charming picture because we can’t imagine what context he has to throw out the air quotes. Whatever it is, the guy in the blue shirt looks completely engrossed. Koker’s note on this picture is that Mike making the gesture is “never a good sign.”

It’s weird because honestly, not a whole lot is happening here. It’s just three people standing around talking.

Sure, one of them is a large, tattooed man wearing horns. However, we’ve seen so many pictures of Mike by now that it’s actually weirder to see him not sporting them. He has hair under there and everything. It’s very unsettling.

This is just one of those images that is interesting for reasons that we can’t quite understand but also can’t deny. If it weren’t for that shot of the kangaroo, we’d still be studying it.

Okay, well that’s maybe exaggerating. It’s not that confusing, really. However, when we see air quotes, we kind of need the context. Usually, when one of these guys has two fingers up, it’s for the metal salute.

8 Happy Fro-lloween

Horny Mike from Counting Cars and a buddy at Halloween

Don’t worry, this picture of Mike is definitely a Halloween costume. As far as we know, he wasn’t off to a revival of the 1967 rock musical Hair. Or maybe he was. He didn’t really say.

We have even more important questions to address, though. Well, one is a hope, and that hope is that Mike’s photo partner is not a living thing.

We really just want it to be a statue or a display that stays exactly where it is. So our secondary hope is that we know the exact location of its fixed spot so that we can never go there, ever.

If it is a costume, though, it’s a pretty good one. It effectively captures the spirit and fun of Halloween in a single, haunting face that we fully expect to see in our fever dreams for the rest of our lives. However, all of these concerns are secondary.

Obviously the most important question about what the heck is happening in this picture is whether or not Mike is still wearing his signature horns under that humongous wig or if he gave them the night off.

Either answer is acceptable, really. However, if he’s stashing some head bling under there, this picture actually becomes more impressive than scary.

7 How they make their photos

Danny Count Koker on Counting Cars posing

TV shows have spoiled us with their polish, shine, and high production values. It’s easy to forget that all of those dynamic graphics and splash images have to start with some raw material that only becomes cool after highly trained professionals work some kind of wizardry upon it.

That’s why we need a minute to process when we see something like this. It’s a picture of Danny Koker at a shoot.

In the future, this is probably going to be a super-cool graphic with him looking all cool with perhaps some fire in the background and an explosion giving birth to the show’s logo or something.

However, as of the moment that we’re looking at here, it’s just The Count standing kind of awkwardly in front of a plain white background with a square of tape on the floor to show him where to be.

Our imagination has to do some work to see the potential.

The text that accompanies this photo on Twitter says, “You are going to love this! Something really cool is coming!”

Judging from later posts, that was probably referencing the Count’s Kustoms branded iPhone slot-machine app. True to the predictions, the final graphics did, in fact, have fire in the background.

6 Count and cat

Danny Count Koker from Counting Cars and his cat friend

As we’ve already seen, the crew from Counting Cars has more soft spots than the bananas that are slowly going bad on your kitchen counter right now. However, don’t panic-- you can always make bread if you don’t get to them in time. Just throw some blueberries in there and thank us later.

Anyway, the guys are especially fond of animals, if you haven’t noticed yet.

This cute shot of Danny Koker with his cat pal Boris is almost as good as it gets. Sadly, this pretty kitty is no longer around.

However, we do appreciate a good cat, especially when they’re sleepy or suspicious or whatever is going on in Boris’ fuzzy little head to make his eyes do what they’re doing.

This is no “Roli holding a tiny kangaroo” or anything, but to be fair, it is pretty adorable. We don’t even want to meet the cat cute enough to match that.

Of course, because these are men full of manliness, it doesn’t take long for Mike to show up in the replies and demand to know what kind of man has cats.

We assume that this led Koker to fire him for at least five minutes. However, it wasn’t really his call-- we assume that Boris willed it so with his devious, calculating eyes.

5 Time to make the donuts

Counting Cars cast at Dunkin Donuts NVCCF

This picture doesn’t depict a nightmarish alternate reality in which Counting Cars didn’t work out and the guys all had to go work together at a Dunkin Donuts. However, if that did happen, we have the name of that reality show already picked out: Counting Crullers.

The promos would still have just as much fire in the background, so don’t worry about that. We’re also pretty sure that Mike would still find a way to affix his trademark cranial accessories even to fried dough.

The other guys would probably say that it wasn’t possible, but he’d find a way and show them. He’d show us all.

In fact, this photo comes from some of the team’s charity work. They were slinging dough and coffee to raise money for the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation.

It’s an organization that works to provide counseling, support, and other services to help kids and their families cope with the stresses and obstacles that cancer and other serious illnesses present.

This benefit specifically helped Camp Cartwheel, a multi-day outdoor event for patients and their siblings. It doesn’t cost the campers or their families a cent, which is one of the best parts of it.

4 'We have somewhere to be, so let's pick this up'

Counting Cars cast lifts Robert Blasi credit Aaron Garcia

It’s hard to know where to begin with this one, so we’ll just set up the backstory and hope for the best.

In 2012, most of the cast of Counting Cars appeared on a weekly radio interview show called On Air With Robert & CC. Koker was sick, but that left Kevin, Mike, and then-shop manager Scott.

After — and even during — the show, the guys posed for a bunch of silly photos, and this one of them lifting On Air cohost Robert Blasi is one of them.

So the good news is that they weren’t just walking around the Strip and saw some guy and decided to lift him. This was all consensual and fun for everyone involved.

Also, in the name of fair play, they even took a picture hoisting the show’s other host, CC Christensen. However, that shot wasn’t nearly as funny.

Sadly, that’s probably because it kind of looks like they’re at risk of dropping Blasi any second, and might have actually done so immediately after they got the shot.

However, we're hoping that Robert Blasi and the guys were okay afterwards. We don't regret the photo, though, as it does offer us some pretty hilarious expressions.

3 It turns out 'the horns' are contagious

Danny Koker on Valley View Live

One of our favorite genres of photography in the world is “talk show hosts trying their best.” We don’t see it as often as we used to (the ‘90s were a dark time), but when we do, it makes our day.

Take this shot of Danny Koker about to guest on the now apparently defunct Valley View Live talk show back in 2015, for example.

This is him with regular hosts Nikki and Megan, and to be fair, he kind of put them in a spot for this one.

This is a matter of peer pressure. If you’re taking a picture with someone, and they throw up the metal salute, what are you going to do? A thumbs up? You would look foolish and uncool.

However, you can look just as silly if you’re not a horn-thrower who tries to enter that world before they are ready. This photograph is a no-win situation for the poor hosts.

We love the different versions we get, though. Koker’s is casual because he has done this with his hands literally several times a day for the past several decades.

Megan’s (on the right) is polite and just generally delightful. Her execution is textbook, delicate, and nice. However, Nikki totally goes for it, which is especially easy because the other two can’t see her.

2 We'll need some help getting this to the car

Roli Szabo and Horny Mike riding in the worlds largest shopping cart

Roli Szabo says that this is the biggest shopping cart, and we believe him. It would be foolish indeed to call that into question unless you had an even bigger shopping cart on deck to astound and impress everyone.

However, the odds of that happening are pretty low. We just wonder how many complimentary sanitary wipes it takes to get this one ready to hit the aisles. Remember, everyone: a clean store starts with you.

We’re low on details for this one. Why would someone make the biggest shopping cart? Was it a promotional thing for a business, or was it like a five-pound rubber band ball that someone started out of sheer boredom and realized too late that it had gotten completely out of hand?

If we had to bet on it, keeping with Counting Cars’ Vegas setting, we’d say it’s the first one. This is America, after all, and this country never saw a normal-sized thing that it didn’t want to re-create impossibly and impractically large.

Have you seen the world’s largest balls of twine? How about the biggest paper airplane ever? Admittedly, the most unnecessarily sized paperclip is in Russia, but the hugest red paperclip is in Canada.

Okay, this may be an all-people habit.

1 The lair of the Count

Danny Count Koker on Counting Cars

Here is the swanky office in which Danny Koker gets all of his important work done.

Or at the very least, it is the swanky office that the producers of Counting Cars decided made the most photogenic and on-brand option for where Danny Koker might get all of his important work done. We know how TV works.

It is a pretty cool room, though. We’re especially fond of the animal-print lamp that matches absolutely nothing else in the room but its own shade.

However, that’s alright, lamp. Don’t let society force you to conform. Just listen to Dennis Hopper from the landmark counterculture movie Easy Rider, the poster of which is on the wall behind you.

One reason why we’re pretty sure Koker did his own decorating here is because we’re confident that a room that a committee designed for a TV show would have really run with the “Count” motif.

As it is, we only have one vampire poster. Sure, it’s for Bram Stoker’s Dracula, which is far from being even the best adaptation of the source novel, but Koker is a retired Count himself, and he probably screened way worse movies when he hosted his earlier show.


What do you think of these photos of the cast of Counting Cars? Are there any other that fans need to see? Let us know in the comments!

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