Counterpoint to Paul Anderson's AVP comments

You may have heard that Paul Anderson has been complaining that the studio tied his hands in certain respects in regards to the production of Alien vs Predator. He has stated that his cut of the film would have been much better than the studios version, and has hinted that it will be available on the upcoming DVD.

Well, Peter Briggs (who wrote the first draft of Alien vs Predator) is here to tell you that Anderson is full of it, and the reason the film wasn't very good (I gave it a qualified decent review) was all on Anderson, and no one elses fault.

Among the highlights are the fact that there were not many drafts of the script before Anderson came on board and there's nothing in the script to indicate that there's a "real" version of AVP that's better than what's on the screen.

Briggs opinion on the film pretty much echoes my own. Click below for the full interview.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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