Counterpart Season 2 Trailer: A Gentle Man Prepares For War

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The second season of Counterpart, the sci-fi spy thriller that premiered on Starz earlier this year, will hit the premium channel much earlier than expected according to a recently released trailer and poster. The series, starring J.K. Simmons as two different versions of himself, concerns the existence of a parallel dimension and all the espionage and governmental skullduggery involved in maintaining the secrets of both sides, while one side simultaneously attempts to infiltrate the other. The result is one of the smartest spy shows on television at the moment (now that The Americans has ended), and one the best new shows of 2018. 

It’s something of a surprise, then, to find out Counterpart will be back on television before 2018 is out. Sure, it’s getting in just under the wire by premiering on December 9, but the move to have the series on twice in one year is nevertheless unexpected, to say the least. That may actually be in the series’ best interest, as even during the era of Peak TV, the end of the year still comes up somewhat short on new programming. If nothing else, this move may help introduce more viewers to the series. 

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The trailer itself offers a good look at what’s to come, picking up very soon after the events of the season 1 finale saw the passageway between worlds closed off in response to a terrorist attack. The repercussions of that event have put a pair of Howard Silks in the wrong dimension, a fact that newcomer James Cromwell seems very concerned about when talking to Howard about what his counterpart (known in the series as Howard Prime) may or may not be up to living his life a dimension away. Check out the trailer below:

In addition to Cromwell, the Counterpart season 2 trailer also introduces Get Out standout Betty Gabriel as former FBI agent Naya Temple, who appears to be on hand to help deal with the incursion of sleeper agents sent over from the other dimension. From what’s seen in the first trailer, it appears Gabriel will have a substantial role, which should make up for the relatively disappointing role she had in Westworld season 2. 

Along with the new trailer, Starz also released a snazzy new poster for the upcoming second season, the design of which bears a striking resemblance to the poster for the 2010 George Clooney assassin film, The American. The cool nature of both that film and Starz’s spy thriller with a twist are somewhat similar, which makes the comparison all the more apt. It also should increase anticipation for one of TV’s best new shows returning sooner than expected. 

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Counterpart season 2 premieres Sunday, December 9 @9pm on Starz.

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