Could Rise Of The Silver Surfer Be Better Than The First FF Movie?

So it's almost here. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (don't you love super-long movie titles?) opens on June 15th and the marketing blitz is in high gear. It almost seemed like 20th Century Fox bought up all the advertising time on the season finale of Heroes to pitch this sequel. Is it possible that the sequel could be better than the original?

Now I'll grant you that wouldn't be terribly difficult since the first Fantastic Four movie was pretty weak (I only gave it stars), but it's entirely possible for a sequel to go downhill even from there. My hope is that (if you'll pardon the pun) this one will actually rise to the occasion and improve upon the first. The latest set of TV spots (click on the above image to watch them) actually don't look too bad, and although it's a fluffy press release document, here are some items that at least sound good in regards to the new film:

"It was a delicate balance meeting the comics fans' expectations for the look of Galactus, and making him truly spectacular and cinematic to those not familiar with the character."

So could Galactus actually appear to be more than a giant storm cloud?

"I wanted this movie to be the rare sequel that's better than the original..."

One can only hope.

"Reed Richards has evolved and has much more confidence and is much more in control. He’s much more of a leader this time."

That's extremely good news, as I thought the character was pretty lame and not at all like the comic book version in the first film.

"Thing's headpiece now features a larger brow - something requested by diehard Fantastic Four fans."

I commented on that and showed the difference in a previous post, and it shows that at the very least they're listening to the fans.

Of course all of the above quotes may just be happy talk from those involved with the film and it may turn out to be lame after all. Personally one of the things that bugs me from what I've seen so far is that I do not like Laurence Fishburne's voice coming out of the Silver Surfer. It just doesn't sound right... doesn't match the character for some reason.

My expectations are pretty low on this one, so if it turns out to be even semi-decent that may be enough to get a pretty good review from me. :-)

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