Could Chris Pine Be Captain America?

Last week the world was subjected to quite a few reports about the upcoming production of Marvel Studios' The First Avenger: Captain America. Most of these stemmed out of interviews with director Joe Johnston on the press tour for The Wolfman which opened in theaters this weekend, and in the interviews he updated fans on the status of the project.

The biggest revelation was that the casting decision on the title character would have to be made by March 1st and that it wouldn't be a major Hollywood star. We would finally know who will be playing Steve Rogers aka Captain America in the next few weeks!

Johnston also said that they had narrowed down the selection process to 5-6 individuals and through scattering reports, we know that Chad Michael Murray, Ryan McPartlin and possibly Jensen Ackles are likely three of the candidates. Now comes a completely unverified rumor that Star Trek's Chris Pine could be the top contender for the role.

This rumor comes from CinemaSpy who claims to have an "exclusive"  on this unsubstantiated report through a random insider email. While by that alone, this means pretty little, it is still an interesting discussion point on who the other candidates may be and whether or not Chris Pine would be a good choice for the role. Here's the email they said they recieved:

Anyway, just thought you guys might like to know that Paramount and Marvel are pretty close to closing a deal on casting Steve Rogers/Captain America and fans might be excited to learn that the short list includes somebody a lot of fans speculated about, Chris Pine. From what I'm hearing, he's the frontrunner right now, though that could change. Can't tell you who the other couple of choices are, cause that'll work against me for reasons I don't want to get into.

Anyway, hope this is helpful, feel free to do what you want with it.

I always get suspicious when seeing two paragraphs start with "anyway." On a more serious note, the more I think about Chris Pine as Captain America, the more I can see it happening although he wouldn't exactly qualify as an unknown as Johnston was describing. That being said, like Chris Hemsworth who's playing Thor, they both are just hitting the beginning of Stardom and their careers. Both have several major projects lined up for the near future as well.

Pine has that charming and lovable quality about him and he can certainly play the heroic leader Captain America becomes. From the physical standpoint, Pine stands at 6' ½'' which puts him at a good height in between Robert Downey Jr.'s 5' 9" and Chris Hemsworth's 6' 3".

Make sure to check out our articles on Captain America's movie costume and the main villain being the Red Skull.

Could Chris Pine fit the bill in your mind?

Source: CinemaSpy

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