'Cougar Town' Renewed for Season 5

When TBS announced that it was picking up ABC cast-off Cougar Town last May, they were taking a bit of a gamble by bringing over a ratings challenged show without co-creators Kevin Biegel and Bill Lawrence (who had already done the network shuffle once before with Scrubs). Luckily for TBS, that gamble appears to have paid off.

Today, TBS announced that they would bring the Courteney Cox starring series back for a 13-episode season 5, no doubt prompting a few glass clinks among fans of the unfortunately named series.

From TBS, TNT, and TCM president and head of programming Michael Wright, courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter:

" 'Cougar Town' has been everything we hoped it would be: a smart, big-hearted, laugh-out-loud comedy that shines a bright light on the TBS brand. This season, the brilliant cast and immensely creative production team on 'Cougar Town' have crafted their best episodes yet, and we couldn’t be happier inviting them back for more."

Presently, Cougar Town is the highest-rated original series in TBS history in the valuable 18-49 demo. Its success is doubtlessly raising the network's profile as they slowly build up their original programming lineup in support of their Conan O'Brien talk show and pricey syndication packages like The Big Bang Theory.

With so many shows living on the razor's edge between cancellation and renewal, one has to wonder if TBS will be emboldened by their success with Cougar Town. We already suggested that if ABC's #SaveHappyEndings plan failed, Happy Endings might be a good fit, but what about other bubble shows like Community and The Cleveland Show? Community - like Cougar Town was on ABC - is beloved but ratings challenged, and the two shows already had a crossover of sorts. And TBS already airs re-runs of Seth MacFarlane's American Dad and Family Guy, so that might make Cleveland a solid fit (of course, who knows if FOX would relinquish it).

With that said, whether this news leads to an influx of similarly wayward shows getting their chance to be "very funny" and star in an incalculable amount of network promos for TBS, Big Lou will live on and Courteney Cox will continue to be the most successful non-Aniston ex-Friend.

Cougar Town airs Tuesdays @10pm on TBS.


Sources: The Hollywood Reporter

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'Cougar Town' Renewed for Season 5