17 Cosplays Steamier Than Their Characters

Cosplay is one of the most common sights of the convention scene. Nearly every single con you choose to go to will be littered with fellow fans embodying their favorite characters with meticulously handmade clothing, make-up and props. It’s only fitting that some exceptionally talented individuals have dedicated their lives to accurately portraying attractive fictional entities with great success. But then there’s also the odd flipside of the popular trade.

Sometimes cosplayers seek out unloved and unattractive characters, which they then decide to give an unexpected makeover. Sometimes things are as simple as gender-bending a familiar character. Other times are far more extreme, like giving a character a head-to-toe makeover and redesign while retaining the original essence, leaving them identifiable even after the upgrade.

In our 17 Cosplays Steamier Than Their Characters, we’ve done our best to scour the most outlandish (and successful) takes on transforming alien or ugly characters into steam incarnate. Some of our choices are so extreme that it’s only fair to warn you that some things that are seen cannot be unseen.

With that in mind, take caution as we display the most transformative takes on fish aliens, animals, Dragon Ball villains and so much more.

17 Pikachu

Jessica Nigri is one of the most prolific cosplayers on the scene, and rightfully so. Her character choices are often intriguing, and her attention to detail when it comes to costume and prop creation is beyond meticulous. That said, she’s also got a penchant for turning decidedly unsexy characters or creatures into the exact opposite. Emphasis on creatures, specifically Pikachu.

Where Pokémon's de facto mascot is an electric rodent, and quite cute in its own right, Jess has taken all of the recognizable elements from the little rat, scaled them up to human size only to don them proudly like a pelt, with the final product surely sending charges to Pokéfanatics and beyond, even if the idea of someone wearing the small critter’s skin is a little unnerving.

16 Skeletor

Skeletor is not only one of the most iconic villains to ever be born into fiction, he’s also eclipsed his adversary (and toyline namesake) He-Man, and was even played by Oscar-Nominee Frank Langella in the live-action adaptation of questionable quality.

The skeletal face, brooding cloak, maniacal laugh and wacky antics have cemented Skeletor's place in the world of villains, but he remains a far cry from “sexy.” Yet, it’s those very elements and qualities that have made him a prime subject for a steamy, gender-bending cosplay.

Here, Constantine In Tokyo takes the character’s classic look from the toy and cartoon, with toned muscles, blue skin, and an eerie green skull, but still somehow manages to make this unlikely combination of components into an upsettingly attractive final form.

15 Punisher

Frank Castle is not cute. He’s not steamy. He’s angry, he’s violent, and he’s often covered in blood and gunpowder. Despite all this, he’s a popular candidate for gender-bending cosplays, often with the goal of transforming this rage-filled, murder-and-mayhem loving warrior into a sex symbol.

Retaining his iconic skull emblem, black outfit and weapons belt, Alyssa Loughran is easily recognizable as the female version of the hardened anti-hero, even down to her grim and stoic facial expression, yet she gives things her own twist, standing out as a sexy “what-if” when compared to Frank’s gender and his traditionally hyper-masculine look.

Although, like most cosplays of this nature, we’re not sure how less clothing will help protect against knives and bullets, but it’s still an appealing look.

14 The Joker

The Joker is easily Batman’s most iconic adversary, but could also be called the most legendary, beloved and iconic villain across any form of media, with only the likes of Darth Vader to rival him. He’s also not exactly unattractive to a large number of fans, with many fantasizing about having a Harley Quinn-styled relationship with their very own Joker (why anyone would want to be physically and mentally abused in a “loving” relationship is beyond us, however.)

Despite all that, cosplayer HydraEvil decided to take the male Clown Prince of Crime, and make him the Clown Princess with exceptional success. Expertly capturing the Joker’s classic look and giddy essence, a few minor tweaks have turned the green-haired, pallor-ridden, yellow-toothed Joker into a decidedly sexy villainess.

13 Maleficent

Maleficent has long held the position of one of Disney’s greatest villains. In Sleeping Beauty, her infamous cackle, cruel sense of humor and dragon transformation stuck with audiences, and she was even further fleshed out with what was essentially the first of Disney’s live-action remakes. That said, she was never high on the sex appeal list (minus Angelina Jolie’s portrayal) but this genderbent cosplay by hakucosplay has remedied the situation.

A mix of steam-punk sensibilities and warlock aesthetics cement this jaw-dropping take on the character, and the piercing eyes and smug look of the artist create an entrancing aura that Princess Aurora herself might have a hard time turning down, with or without the help of a magic spell. Sorry, Prince Phillip, but you’ve been usurped.

12 Majin Buu

Majin Buu is the final Dragon Ball Z villain, and is infamous for his countless forms, even when compared against the likes of Cell and Frieza. Essentially a living wad of bubblegum with a big appetite, this pink menace was a supremely powerful force that nearly wiped out each and every one of Earth’s strongest heroes after successfully eradicating the population of the planet. To top it all off, while even Frieza and Cell had some sex appeal with their symmetrical faces, Buu would never get the same fanfare.

Enter Kay Kay Cosplay, who took Buu, slimmed him down, genderbent him, and added an air of sensuality and adorable hint of innocence, and the maligned character is suddenly at the receiving end of some newfound adoration.

11 Admiral Ackbar

When one thinks of the famous tactician, Admiral Ackbar, their mind is certain to go to one of the most famous lines in Star Wars: “it’s a trap!” Somehow, this line is fitting for this uncomfortably sexified cosplay of the beloved Mon Calamari.

Apparently, aside from playing a pivotal role in the Rebellion’s greatest victories against the Empire and commanding exceptionally powerful warships, the Admiral also has a great bikini body for the summer season, and an affinity towards bunny ears. Jenny Newman masterfully crafted the crustacean's head, painted her body to reflect the exact designs and tone of Akbar’s skin, and even converted his uniform into a sleek bathing suit. The question “why” permeates throughout the entire process, but it’s hard to deny that, despite no one asking for this, her artistic vision was definitely accomplished.

10 Scorpion

Mortal Kombat, as one of the premiere fighting game franchises, has a long and storied history of colorful characters to go along with its ultra-violence. Among this cherished cast is an entire cabal of extremely attractive vixens, all ripe for a steamy cosplay. And yet Bethany Maddock chose an undead ninja with a fake face that peels off to reveal a fire-breathing skull.

Sure, Scorpion has been cosplayed before, but the idea of a sexy Scorpion is fairly revolutionary. Perhaps the oddest part about it is that it was pulled off exceedingly well. It doesn’t feel wrong. In fact, it sort of makes us want a female Scorpion counterpart in a future installment. At the very least, we’re grateful that she didn’t choose Bo’ Rai Cho to genderbend.

9 Pennywise

People are terrified of clowns. That’s a long-standing fact. Stephen King’s book, It, took great advantage of this widespread phobia, as did the original TV movie and the latest film adaptation. The character of Pennywise “the dancing clown” has been iconic since Tim Curry first donned the red wig, and the latest incarnation ups the ante in terms of raw terror and malevolence. Despite this, RosannaCosplay chose to take the new version of Pennywise, maintain the terror, and then add a level of sex appeal that boggles the mind and terrifies the viewer all at once.

With the corset and the lace mixed with the pitch perfect make-up, hair and evil look, this Pennywise may lure in more than children this time around, for better or worse.

8 Gundam Unicorn

When the word “Gundam” is spoken, images of political intrigue and epic space battles between giant robots come to the forefront, loud and clear. The idea that one of these killing machines could be interpreted as “sexy” is likely very, very low on the list of things associated with the prolific franchise, and yet this talented cosplayer tapped into that miniscule market and, somehow, pulled it off swimmingly.

Inspired by Gundam Unicorn, one of the latest concepts for the series, VampyBitMe took everything about the mobile suit’s design, painstakingly created the pieces based on nothing but a self-built model, tweaked the design just enough to give it character, and made herself one absolutely steamy look. Who knew enormous, sci-fi robot space warriors could be so attractive?

7 Brock

We’re sure Brock, sidekick to both Ash and Misty in Pokemon, has his fans, or even some admirers. That’s all in the real world, though, because if there’s one thing that we know for sure from the show, it’s that Brock, despite being an ever-flowing fountain of adoration for all women, has absolutely zero romantic game and definitely no admirers. Alright, that’s not entirely true, but he strikes out for the most part, with often extremely comedic results.

Now, thanks to this talented cosplayer, Brock not only has added appeal in real life, but it would be hard to believe that even the Nurse Joys and Officer Jenny’s of the Pokeworld would be able to resist him now after this newly rugged and tatted look.

6 Tidus

Final Fantasy, the lauded and long-running premiere JRPG franchise, has its fair share of studly gentlemen. Whether it’s the emo-incarnate Cloud from the cherished Final Fantasy VII, the stoic Squall from the underappreciated VIII or even one of the main cast of lads from Final Fantasy XV, there are legions of fans who swoon over their actions, adventures, bizarre senses of style and of course, their gripping personalities and manly charms. And then there’s Tidus.

Final Fantasy X is a great game, but Tidus, well, he’s not so great. A goofy jock-turned-warrior, Tidus is most known for his horrifically forced laugh that embarrasses even the most hardcore of Final Fantasy fans. Thankfully, Leon Chiro successfully brought some dignity back to the character with his far more mature take.

5 Classic Aquaman

While Justice League’s reception was exceptionally mixed, something that was heard loud and clear was just how hot Jason Mamoa’s Aquaman was, particularly by the legions of female fans who made this point loud and clear across the internet. The same can’t be said for the classic Aquaman, though, with his dopey green tights, latex gloves, and that eerie, orange fish-scale adorned shirt. You know, the guy that actually talks to fish.

And yet, this cosplayer came in with a new concept for the guy, giving him a slightly updated look (with the help of some expertly applied body paint) and even did something about the vacant grin and Grandpa-esque presence of the original’s face. With all these enchancments combined, this take on Aquaman looks like he could sweep just about anyone off their feet for a romantic evening in the sea.

4 Rocket Raccoon

The Guardians of the Galaxy have made a mainstream splash in a big way thanks to their extremely successful film adaptations. Among the cast, there have been some breakaway favorites, particularly Gamora and Nebula, along with Groot, who tugged on the audience’s heartstrings enough to become a cultural phenomenon. Naturally, we’d be remiss if we forgot to also mention the foul-mouthed, cybernetically-enhanced raccoon with a love of all things that go boom, Rocket. And of course, for whatever reason, someone decided that he needed a steamy, genderbent cosplay.

Defying all logic, this artist took the diminutive, likely-rabid creature and transformed him into a buxom her, nailing just about everything regarding the character’s aesthetic and character while enhancing his sex appeal far beyond the base level.

3 Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog has some of the best games to ever grace consoles. He also has some of the worst. Because of this horrific dichotomy, one of the most twisted fanbases to ever exist was born, rising from the near-constant quality-shifts and different interpretations, and only further enhanced by the mind-numbing effects being part of an extremely overzealous and toxic fandom.

This group of fans is now legendary for their utterly insane amount of original character fan art, and AmberSkies’ cosplay is its own take on that concept, by having the distinct-but-plain Sonic get a gender swap and an overall upgrade to his sensuality. Despite the accomplishment, the final result will no doubt further divide the embattled fandom, thrusting them into even more years of infighting.

2 Ewoks

Return of the Jedi remains an excellent closer to the original Star Wars trilogy, with incredible conclusions to long-standing arcs, along with memorable moments and characters, all to the tune of John William’s outstanding score. It’s also the home to the second most hated race of Star Wars, right behind the Gungans: Ewoks.

These adorable teddy bears are a primitive race on the moon of Endor, and they inexplicably overpower the vastly superior Imperial armies and war machines, while also trying to eat Han Solo, all while flaunting their supposed cuteness. Now, for whatever reason, Jessica Nigri and her crew decided it would be best to create steamy renditions of these infamous characters. The effect is admittedly impressive, but we’re still not sure it’s enough to fully repair the damage between the critters and fans.

1 Magikarp

Of all the entries on this list, this is the most disturbing and mind-boggling. Sure, Admiral Ackbar as a sexy woman is a hard pill to swallow. Yeah, a modified raccoon-turned-busty warrior is absurd. But this? The weakest Pokemon of all time? They chose this as the template of their sexy cosplay? The questions flow like the waterfall that Magikarp craves to swim up. Seeing this cut, bulky and toned body with the dead-eyed head of the notorious fish Pokemon leaves a nightmarish and never-ending impression on all who view it. It’s an abomination and shouldn’t exist, yet, we can’t stop looking it, which is ironic since Magikarp’s only move is Splash, not Hypnosis.

Congratulations, Sev Cosplay, you’ve not only created the steamiest cosplay of the least-steamy thing available, but you’ve also shattered the childhoods and common decency of all those who have laid eyes upon your cruel creation.


Which of these shocking cosplays surprised your the most? Let us know in the comments!

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