Comic-Con 2011 Cosplay Gallery: Pictures Of 74 Awesome Costumes

The 2011 San Diego Comic-Con has come to a close, and we've brought you plenty the best coverage we've ever provided (with more yet to come). Here's just some of the information we've posted up over the last few days: Hugh Jackman confirming the Silver Samurai as the villain in Wolverine 2; Nathan Fillion talking Uncharted; Edgar Wright giving an Ant-Man update; the first look at Snow White and the Huntsman and Marc Webb discussing the 3D camera work from The Amazing Spider-Man.

But all of that news is only one part of the Comic-Con experience. Another major part part - and the reason some people even attend - is to see and/or be a part of cosplay. Whether you're standing in line to see Twilight in Hall H, listening to a comic book writer discuss his industry in Room 33A or just trying to buy a $4 soda and a $2.50 cookie (!!!) from the ripoff concession stand - one thing you will see everywhere you go are people dressed as their favorite characters from TV, movies and comics.

Every year the quality of the costumes range from elaborate video game characters to cheaply made superhero outfits, but no matter who you see they are all entertaining - and in some cases quite impressive. We spent the week scouting out the San Diego Convention Center tracking down all the best costumes we could find. This collection of 74 costumes is just the tip of the dress-up iceberg - you could spend the entire day standing in one place looking at them pass by and still never see them all.

So enjoy the gallery we have put together (with the four best at the top).


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Have you ever or would you ever dress up in cosplay? If so, what were you or what would you be?

Follow me on Twitter (@Walwus) and tell me what costume was your favorite.

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