Cop Out Red Band Trailer

So the first trailer for Kevin Smith's A Couple of Dicks Cop Out dropped awhile back, but it was so bad that apparently we didn't even bother to post it!

No real loss, though, as the only thing the theatrical trailer accomplished was making your head ache while you wondered A) What's happened to Kevin Smith? B) What is Bruce Willis doing in a film like this? C) How can Tracy Morgan be go from being funny in a show like 30 Rock to being the most unfunny person ever filmed?

Today we have a new red-band trailer for Cop Out and it certainly answers 2 out of those 3 questions asked above.

The two answers we get from this red band trailer are:

  1. Kevin Smith is still just too damn raunchy for your average theatrical trailer.
  2. Tracy Morgan is still just too damn crazy AND raunchy for your average trailer.

I still have no explanation for what Bruce Willis is doing up in this movie, though. No explanation at all...

Anyway, this new red band trailer for Cop Out is a bit funnier than its green band predecessor - however, I'm still not convinced this movie is worth the price of admission.

Check out the red band trailer and decide for yourself:

The little kid bit was the funniest thing I saw, and that Seann William Scott bit in the car makes more sense now that I've seen it in full curse-word mode - but Tracy Morgan's character having a girlfriend like Rashida Jones??? PLEASE.

Like I said, still not worth the price of admission for me - I'll probably save this one for my Netflix que. How about you - did the red band trailer change your mind any?

Just so you have an idea of how unfunny the theatrical trailer was, I've posted it below.

Cop Out hits theaters on February 26, 2010.

Source: MySpace via Cinema Blend

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