As with any colloquialism, we’ve heard the words “man’s best friend” so many times that it’s lost much of its impact. There is a reason the phrase was coined in the first place though. Pets freely give an unconditional love that humans simply aren’t capable of. Like any true animal lover knows, a pet is more than just a companion that we care for. Our pets are our most trusted friends, our closest confidants, and the creatures that make us feel more distinctly understood than anyone else in the world.

At the end of the day, superheroes are people too. They need that incomparable bond just as much as the rest of us. Their lives may be drastically different from ours, but the feelings for their furry companions remain the same. Throughout comic book history, there have been a slew of lovable critters from the exotic to the mundane.

Let’s take a look at the ones that separated themselves from the pack. Here are the 15 Coolest Pets In Comic Book History.

15. Dogpool

Dogpool Fire 15 Coolest Pets In Comic Book History

Dogpool is basically a canine alternate reality version of Deadpool. He made his first appearance in Prelude to Deadpool Corps #1 – Killer Queen. Wilson was a stray, wandering the streets alone when the evil Dr. Braun chose to make him a test subject for his cosmetics lab. The tests didn’t go as planned and, thinking Wilson was dead, those monsters actually threw him in a dumpster!

Luckily, that was only the beginning for Dogpool, the Merc with a Bark. The experiments may not have made Babeline’s mascara last forever, but they made the pup nearly indestructible. He wound up with a power set very similar to Wade Wilson’s and, with nowhere to go, landed for a brief while at the circus. Who wouldn’t pay to see an unkillable dog? Shortly after that, Wade discovered Wilson and made him a member of Deadpool Corps, his team of Deadpools from alternate universes.

14. Bat-Cow

Bat Cow Night 15 Coolest Pets In Comic Book History

Created by Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham, the Battlin’ Bovine initially appeared in Batman Incorporated Vol. 2 #1. Batman and Robin (his son, Damian) were on a mission in a slaughter-house and what Damian witnessed there actually made him decide to give up eating meat altogether. Aside from this drastic lifestyle change, he rescued a cow with a conveniently bat-shaped patch on his face and christened him Bat-Cow.

Damian’s new pet became a valuable member of the Bat-Family. Witnessing the violence done to these animals had a huge impact on him, which is pretty interesting considering the kid was trained by the League of Assassins. His decision was no phase though. Several issues later, Damian specifically mentioned that he would remain a vegetarian. Grant Morrison has written often about animal rights issues over the years, most notably during his seminal run on Animal Man. Bat-Cow is another fine example of him fighting the good fight alongside the heroes he writes about.