10 Coolest Fictional Prisons

Wedlock Movie Prison

Seen In: Wedlock (1991)

When action movie fans picture prisoners fitted with explosive neck collars, plenty of films come to mind (Schwarzenegger's Running Man among them). But Wedlock - also released as Deadlock - took that premise and added another layer. In the aptly-named 'Camp Holliday,' prisoners are, as expected, fitted with explosive collars that will detonate should they escape the prison's grounds. But each inmate's collar is also paired to that of another unknown inmate, which will also detonate if one or the other escapes.

The added deterrent is an inspired one: if anyone tries to escape, anyone could be killed as a result. Self-policing works like a dream, but when the film's hero identifies his "mate" and they escape together, a 100-yard limit separates them from life and death. Honestly, the name alone is smarter than most prison movies made these days.

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