10 Coolest Fictional Prisons

Minority Report Movie Prison

Seen In: Minority Report (2002)

Legendary sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick first came up with the idea of 'PreCrime,' a task force using precognition to arrest criminals before carrying out their crimes. In Spielberg's take on the material, audiences are also shown what the future will bring to the correctional system; a means by which prisoners are stored, not detained.

In keeping with the overall 'don't worry, Big Brother is watching' theme of the film, the 'humane' approach to imprisoning criminals is to essentially put them to sleep, shave them bald, and stacks them in massive underground tubes. In classic Philip K. Dick fashion, the docile version of imprisonment is in, many ways, far creepier than letting prisoners stay awake, albeit locked up.

On the upside, they do enjoy musical serenades from Tim Blake Nelson, so it could be worse.

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