10 Coolest Fictional Prisons

The Prisoner TV Show Village

Seen In: The Prisoner (1967-1968)

Anyone who knows the British series The Prisoner knows exactly why 'The Village' will always remain one of the most disturbing places to find oneself detained. The show's creator and star Patrick McGoohan conceived most if not all of the idea himself while playing a secret agent on another series.

The plot: a retired spy find himself dropped into a calm, peaceful village in an unknown location, filled with references to fantasy, science fiction, and '60s counterculture. Try to escape (but why would you ever want to?) and a giant white orb will hunt you down and bring you back.

The premise was so eerily unsettling, the show has been parodied multiple times (most famously in The Simpsons) and was even remade for AMC in 2009, with Christopher Nolan almost adapting it to the big screen.

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