If you’re an LGBT kid that grew up with anime, you probably found a show or two that had some pretty validating characters when it came to gender and sexuality. There were some anime couples out there that represented us is different ways and had the romances that we really wanted. In honor of Sailor Moon Crystal getting green-lit for a fourth season, let’s go back to the sweet, terrifying, and heartbreaking LGBT couples from anime’s past.

We are well aware that some of these couples are still in the ambiguous “non-canon” category because the nature of their relationship has not been revealed by writers or explicitly mentioned in the anime itself. However, not everything has to be said, and we’re basing a few of these entries on very clear body language, actions, and behaviors between characters.

There may be a few little spoilers here and there throughout this list, so be wary!

Here are The 15 Coolest LGBT Couples In Anime.

15. Haruka & Michiru – Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Crystal Michiru and Haruka2 The 15 Coolest LGBT Relationships In Anime

We have to start with this classic pairing.

For U.S. audiences, Haruka Tenou (Sailor Uranus) and Michiru Kaiou (Sailor Neptune) weren’t together. The official English dub of Sailor Moon completely changed their relationship and made them cousins.

However, in the original Japanese-language series, not only are the two clear about the fact that they are dating, but they would often playfully joke about it with subtle lines throughout the show. Sailor Uranus was notorious for hitting on Usagi all the time, too.

They had the cutest teen romance ever, kicked ass together, and remained loyal to each other until the very end. A very inspiring gay couple, indeed.

There’s also been some debate about Sailor Uranus’ gender identity, as she presents herself as fairly masculine throughout the series. Whether Sailor Uranus is a masculine-presenting queer girl or a gender-fluid character, her “different” presence on the show vibed with a lot of LGBT fans.

14. Ymir & Christa – Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan Ymir and Christa3 The 15 Coolest LGBT Relationships In Anime

Ymir and Christa have such an interesting dynamic and each has such complex personality. They are also a canon LGBT couple according to this panel. If you’re not fluent in German, during the interview Attack on Titan director Tetsurō Araki confirmed that “the characters Christa and Ymir were indeed a couple.

Ymir is incredibly protective of Christa, so much so that she is willing to betray all of humanity to keep her safe. The cute affectionate moments the two have together are few and far between, as is any solid idea of their history, but what makes this couple so cool is how distinct and complex their personalities are. On the surface, Christa seems very sweet, but simmering underneath is a young woman with a lonely, nihilist, dark nature. On the surface, Ymir seems flighty, insensitive, and cruel, but she is actually much more sensitive and emotional than she lets on.