SR Picks: Iron Man Classic Comiquette

Well the title "Cool Stuff" is already taken by my buddy Pete over at /Film, and although I hate "cute" names for things I had to come up with something different - so until someone comes up with a better title, I'm going to lump stuff like this under "SR Picks." Help us come up with a name!

When I saw this thing over at Sideshow Collectibles my eyes about popped out of my head. In case you don't know - I'm a HUGE Iron Man fan and own a number of cool collectible statues, comiquettes, busts and yes, even toys. The last thing I really wanted was the life size Stan Winston bust from these guys, but it was just too far out of my price range.

But dang it, now I see this thing and it's making the credit card in my back pocket itch to be pulled out. I suppose the only saving grace is that although this only came out a couple of days ago it already sold out - ah, but there's a wait list for it and a good chance that I could still get my hands on one. :-P

Here's the official description of this comiquette:

The latest to join Sideshow's line of Marvel collectibles is the Classic Iron Man Comiquette. The 1:4 scale comiquette features the classic comic book costume, harkening back to the root of Tony Stark's bold spirit and patriotism. Each piece is hand cast in highest quality polystone and hand finished to Sideshow's exacting standard. Adorned in his trademark red and gold armor and finished with a dazzling and realistic looking metallic paint, Iron Man stands tall and proud flying the flag of his country. The Classic Iron Man Comiquette is an outstanding addition to any collection, a stunning representation of old Shellhead in all his glory

Did you catch that "scale" mention? This thing is 31" tall and weighs 12 pounds! Here are a couple more pictures of it:

Is that cool or what?

Now they do have another version that's not quite so "limited" and is still available which has Tony Stark in full armor mode, wearing the helmet:

Personally, I would hold out for the "helmet in hand" version, but then again I already own a ton of "fully armored" Iron Man memorabilia.

If you want to see more pictures of either of the statues (or are interested in picking up a statue) click on any of the images above or here for more info.

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