Cool Punisher: War Zone Poster

Not much of an update,but I just thought the new Punisher: War Zone (aka Punisher 2) poster looked pretty cool. I haven't seen it in a theater yet, but it is a "lenticular" poster, meaning one of those that seems to follow you when you walk past it. From the image below it seems the guns Ray Stevenson is holding will follow you around the room.

Gun-laden Lenticular Punisher: War Zone poster

This film has had its share of problems throughout the production period with the bad blood between Thomas Jane (the previous Punisher) and the production team, Lexi Alexander and her (or the studio's) "kicked off the movie" stunt. For the whole sordid history you can check out our post "The Real Punisher War Zone Story".

While I'm still hoping it will be great I'm not terribly optimistic.

Punisher: War Zone opens on December 5th.

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