Cool Posters for ‘Let Me In’ & ‘The Book of Eli’

Today we’ve got a little collection of the latest posters for you for Let Me In (the remake of Let The Right One In) and The Book of Eli to go alongside the new G.I. Joe posters that we also put up today.

None of these posters are official one-sheets for either of the films in question so to speak as some are special artwork exclusive to Comic-Con and others are concept work for early marketing of one of the films. Check them out after the jump.

/Film got a hold of some concept posters for the upcoming remake of Let the Right One in which were apparently used to help market the film internationally. They look pretty cool for what they represent but I’m not sure the movie itself will be so well received compared to the first one (especially since it’s an instant remake).

Check them out and see what you think:

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