Cool Fantastic Four 1/4 Scale 'Thing' Statue

With the popularity of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, I thought I'd highlight a related collectible. Sideshow Collectibles is running out of these 1/4 scale maquettes of the Ben Grimm/Thing character so you might want to check 'em out and maybe grab one for yourself. It's a big piece, standing 16" tall, and this detailed, lifelike solid polystone maquette was used as the control design model for the fabrication and sculpture for the full sized suit seen in the first film.

I own a couple of Sideshow Collectibles items and they're very cool and high quality. In particular I love my Iron Man Extremis Armor comiquette, which I purchased for $250 and is now going for about $700 on eBay (not that I'll sell it, of course). My recent Spider-Man 3 contest featured a Sideshow Spider-Man bust and this was the reaction of the winner upon receiving it:

"I just got this bust, and it is way cooler than I expected!"

So anyway, if you're a FF fan, go check it out. :-)

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