Hayley Atwell’s Conviction Cancelled at ABC

ABC opts out of picking up Hayley Atwell's Conviction for a full season — what does this mean for a potential Agent Carter return?

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe recently introduced the Sorcerer Supreme himself with Doctor Strange, the latest film in Marvel Studios' massive blockbuster franchise. Since Iron Man in 2008, the MCU has grown to include 14 films, three TV series on Netflix (with three others in various stages of production), and one television show on ABC. Previously, ABC was home to both Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. -- a modern day MCU spinoff following Agent Phil Coulson and his team -- as well as Agent Carter, starring Hayley Atwell in her role as Peggy Carter from Captain America: The First Avenger throughout her adventures in the 1940s.

However, when it was reported midway through season 2 of Agent Carter that Atwell had joined a new series for ABC -- the true crime investigation-inspired legal drama Conviction -- fans wondered if it indicated the Marvel show's imminent cancellation. Though Atwell assured fans the shows' futures did not affect one another, Conviction was picked up to series while Agent Carter was cancelled. Now, ABC takes a step toward cancelling Conviction midway through its freshman season.

Deadline is reporting ABC has chosen not to order additional episodes of Conviction beyond the initial order of 13; the series will not be pulled from the schedule, airing its remaining eight episodes of season 1. Although it's unlikely for a major network to renew a series they were unwilling to pick up for a full 22-episode season, ABC is retaining the option for a sophomore season and keeping the options on the cast.

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Considering this news, Agent Carter fans will undoubtedly wonder whether ABC would consider reviving the series for a third season. In the wake of Agent Carter's cancellation, fans started a petition for Netflix to bring the series back -- as the streaming service has with other beloved television shows. Additionally, those involved with Agent Carter, including Atwell and Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb, have been particularly enthusiastic about seeing Peggy Carter get back to work; Atwell even said she would do "whatever it takes" for Agent Carter season 3 to become a reality.

That said, Conviction's cancellation isn't necessarily an indication ABC is even entertaining the idea of reviving Agent Carter. Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos explained why the streaming service didn't revive Agent Carter, citing their already burgeoning New York City-based corner of the MCU and not wanting to pick up a property that was already established. ABC may not return to Agent Carter for similar reasons, choosing to instead look for fresh ideas and new series rather than revive the Marvel show.

Of course, even if ABC doesn't want to revive Agent Carter for a full season order, the suggestion of a TV special to close out the series has been mentioned by Atwell -- though it's unclear how much of a possibility that would be. With the future of Conviction not entirely set in stone, it remains to be seen what happens with both the legal drama and Agent Carter.

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Conviction continues with ‘StayWoke’ Monday, November 14 at 10pm on ABC.

Source: Deadline

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