Control: A Complete Weapons & Mods Guide To The Director's Pistol

In Control, Jesse Faden has is armed with the Director's Service Weapon, a supernatural pistol which can transform into several different forms.

Control Game Director Pistol

Here's a complete weapons guide to Remedy Entertainment's Control video game, in which weapons like the Director's Pistol can become quite a versatile tool. In Control, players take on the role of Jesse Faden, a young woman who finds herself forced to deal with a paranormal invasion at The Oldest House, a "Place of Power," and the headquarters for the Federal Bureau of Control.

Jesse finds herself up against The Hiss, a dark force that corrupts the denizens of The Oldest House, turning them against their former allies. Jesse has to fight these corrupted agents with an array of supernatural powers and her new weapon, the Director's Pistol. Though Jesse is only armed with a single weapon throughout the duration of the critically-acclaimed Control, it's more than just a handgun

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The Service Weapon is an Object of Power, an enhanced item with powers beyond the realm of known reality. By the end of the game, this modular weapon can transform into five different forms, which can be purchased as progress is made throughout the story. Forms can be upgraded to improve damage as well as the number of Weapon Mods that can be equipped, up to a maximum of three. Here are all five Service Weapon variants along with recommendations for the best mods to use.


Control Grip Pistol

The base form of Control's Service Weapon, Grip plays like a typical, semi-automatic pistol. It's accurate, even at long range, and packs a decent punch. With a damage upgrade mod, it becomes even stronger; throw in a mod granting boost to headshot damage, a skilled player can take down entire groups of enemies with only a few shots without needing to get too close.


Control Levitation Shatter

Control's Shatter variant is basically a shotgun that fires a burst of pellets that can do devastating damage at close range. Control is a run-and-gun type of shooter, so staying mobile and executing quick hit-and-run tactics is a good strategy with this weapon. Mods can reduce bullet spread, giving players a tiny bit more range, as well as add extra pellets to each shot, boosting damage. Another good mod boosts damage output after a kill. One enemy may take several blasts to take down, but this mod ensures subsequent foes won't last nearly as long.


Control Spin Machine Gun

In addition to gun-toting foes, Control is populated by Chargers, enemies who like to get close to Jesse before self-destructing in a violent explosion. Spin, an SMG-style form for the Director's Pistol, should help keep them from getting too close. It's normally too weak to be a true replacement for Grip, but a damage boost, plus a mod to improve its fire rate, will go a long way towards improving Jesse's DPS. Finally, there's a mod to reduce ammo cost while levitating off the ground. All three of these combine to make Spin a significantly useful tool in Jesse's arsenal.


Control Levitation Pierce

Pierce is Control's resident sniper weapon, but it's also useful at close range; it can penetrate multiple targets, allowing Jesse to take down multiple enemies with one shot. It's particularly useful in tight hallways or against groups of mold-infected enemies, though the trigger needs to be held down for a second or two before the weapon can be fired, so keep that in mind. Pierce is also great for quickly destroying an enemy's shield. Less accurate players might want to invest in improving Pierce's zoom function, while others may prefer the mod that enhances damage while aiming.


In the right hands, Charge can destroy an entire room of enemies with a single pull of the trigger. In the wrong hands, it's more dangerous to the wielder than to the enemies. Charge is basically a rocket launcher, and holding the fire button charges the weapon so it fires a salvo of missiles that can utterly devastate practically any enemy. It's useful against groups or big enemies, but is best used while levitating at maximum height, lest Jesse become a victim of her own splash damage. Mods don't matter much on this weapon, but there is one that boosts its blast radius, which isn't so much useful as it is just showing off.

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