Control DLC Expansions Will Connect to Alan Wake

Control Alan Wake Expansion DLC AWE

Control's two upcoming DLC expansions will connect its universe to Alan Wake, as revealed by a teaser image for the second of the two content releases coming from Remedy Entertainment in 2020. Control is the developer's most recent release, a mind-bending exploration of the Federal Bureau of Control, an agency that investigates the paranatural and Objects of Power while operating out of an equally mysterious and complex location known as the Oldest House.

Control was a smash hit upon release, with critics praising nearly every element of the game as a success. Most notably, Control's praise has centered around what's been described as an excellent narrative in a compelling new world, as well as psychic combat that evolves as protagonist Jesse develops out her powers and remains fresh and exciting throughout the story. With a slew of modification possibilities and some of the best graphics seen in a modern-gen game, Control has proven to have staying power, with fans clamoring for more of Jesse's story and the Oldest House as soon as Control's ending set up a potential sequel.

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While fans won't be getting a Control 2 immediately, they will be getting the next best thing in two paid DLC expansion that Remedy aims to release in 2020. In a statement release on the official Control blog, Remedy announced that the two expansions will be called "The Foundation" and "AWE," and both will contain new story missions, enemies, and game mechanics that take place within fresh locations in the Oldest House. Of the two expansions, AWE is perhaps the most exciting thanks to a Control content roadmap that was posted along with the announcement that seems to heavily imply that it will explore the connection between Control and Alan Wake.

Control Post Launch Roadmap

For those who need a closer look, here's an image focusing just on AWE's poster.

Control Expansion 2 AWE Alan Wake

The top half of AWE's lettering is comprised of the iconic Alan Wake box art that sees the protagonist shining a flash light at viewers in the midst of a foggy forest. According to the announcement, AWE will take Jesse into a new part of the Oldest House called the Investigations Sector, which is described as the place where the Bureau examines Altered World Events (AWEs). In Control's universe, AWEs give ordinary items unique properties that can cause all kinds of damage to the world - or grant people powers, or access to other dimensions, or, honestly, it seems like just about anything. Given the broad spectrum of possibilities that Altered World Events open up, it seems likely the nods to Alan Wake already in Control might end up setting up a crossover event.

Of course, this is simply speculation. There's a chance AWE doesn't actually do much with Alan Wake at all - but that seems unlikely. Remedy is a savvy developer that has expressed interest in revisiting Alan Wake in the future, and with Control as successful as it is, its DLC could provide the perfect springboard for an Alan Wake 2. If nothing else, though, it seems fans desperate for some more content from both Control and Alan Wake will have their prayers answered next year.

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Source: Official Control Community Blog

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