Contest: Help Me Name My New Blog

Being the opinionated guy that I am, I get steamed about lots of stuff besides movies and TV, but Screen Rant is not the venue for such posts. I've created a new blog where I will rant in my usual style about anything that pops into my head... politics, business, religion, news of the day or any other topic that's not a fit for this site.

The problem is that I need a better name for my new blog. Right now I'm just going with the completely weak Rambling Thoughts. What I'd like is your help in coming up with a name for the site and as an incentive I've decided to turn it into a contest.

Now don't get too excited... I went through my DVD collection and pulled three of them out to give away. Two of them are actually very recent while one is a few years old but is a great movie. Anyway, here's the prize:

Batman - Two Disc Special Edition (Tim Burton/Michael Keaton)

The One - Special Edition (Jet Li)

Stargate - The original film that inspired the TV series.

There aren't too many posts there yet, but from what there are I think you can get a feel for the tone of the site, so stop by and have a look so that you can make a more informed decision. :-)

You can email your suggestions to (there's a live email link on the right, under "CONTACT"). The deadline for entries is midnight (east coast time), February 10th and since I'm paying for shipping I'll be limiting it to folks in the continental U.S.

Thanks and good luck!

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