No, We Haven't Been Ignoring You

Here at Screen Rant we pride ourselves at having a personal touch when it comes to our visitors. We get involved in conversations in the comment area, we respond to emails and when you contact us via the site contact form we try to get back to you in a timely manner. However, if you've contacted us via the site form over the last couple of months, you probably went away thinking we were arrogant jerks because we never replied to you.

Imagine my dismay when a couple of days ago I discovered that the contact form had not been forwarding messages to us for the last two months.

We moved to a new server a couple of months ago and there was a minor setting that was not configured correctly - causing emails to not be sent to my email address. So... that means that hundreds of people have tried to get a hold of us over the last couple of months with no response whatsoever.

I feel terrible about that, and I hope that those who've tried to contact us read the site every day and see this message.

In any case, the problem is now fixed and we receive contact form submissions once again. I apologize profusely for the problem.

Vic Holtreman


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