'Constantine' S1 Extra Episodes Canceled; Season 2 Could Still Happen

Constantine no smoking

NBC's supernatural show Constantine got off to a rocky start when the critical and audience response to its pilot episode was less than enthused. Based on the long-running series of Hellblazer comics, Constantine is the first of several planned TV shows based on DC'S Vertigo comics - a list that also includes titles like DMZ and Preacher. In that respect it's been something of a prototype for how well the darker side of DC can work when adapted for a TV format.

Despite the weak pilot, Constantine got a piece of good news shortly before its premiere when NBC ordered an additional nine scripts for the first season, which would take it all the way up to 22 episodes. The early episodes struggled in the ratings however and despite a recent uptick, it looks like NBC has decided to take a more cautious approach.

Deadline reports that the production of Constantine's first season has been stalled at 13 episodes, but this doesn't necessarily mean that the show will be cancelled. According to Deadline's sources, Constantine's late launch meant that the network only had four episodes worth of ratings to work with when the time came to make a decision about how many episodes to order. This report was confirmed by showrunner Daniel Cerone, who urged fans to keep tuning in every week if they'd like to see a second season of Constantine.

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