Constantine: 15 Reasons Why We Need Season 2 On The CW

Matt Ryan in Constantine

There are no two ways about it -- comic book adaptations on television are in. Marvel and DC, alone, currently have over a dozen television series in various stages of development and production. Marvel extended their cinematic universe by introducing Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to ABC, and DaredevilJessica Jones, and Luke Cage to Netflix. Of course, Marvel also has Iron FistPunisher, and a Defenders team up in development for Netflix. And while DC has had some ups and downs launching its own cinematic universe (the "DCEU"), the comic giant has had no trouble at all finding success on television.

DC (or its Vertigo imprint) currently have SupergirlThe Flash, ArrowLegends of TomorrowGotham, and Lucifer on the air. While Gotham and Lucifer air on Fox, you'll notice that those first four shows make up Greg Berlanti's Arrowverse on The CW. But there is another DC character who belongs to the Arrowverse and once had his own show -- John Constantine. NBC attempted to get into the superhero game when they premiered Constantine during the 2014-2015 television season. Unfortunately, despite favorable reviews, the series' ratings did not reflects its positive reception, and the occult detective series was canceled after 13 episodes.

Constantine was later retconned as part of the Arrowverse when Matt Ryan (who plays Constantine) guest starred in a season 4 episode of Arrow. And despite that crossover fueling whispers that John Constantine may be joining The CW in a larger capacity, so far, there have been no new developments. However, over the summer, CW Seed (The CW's streaming platform) made available all 13 episodes of Constantineagain furthering speculation that the network may be testing the waters for Constantine's return. So, with that in mind, here are 15 Reasons We Need Season 2 Of Constantine On The CW.

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Matt Ryan as John Constantine
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15 Matt Ryan as Constantine

Matt Ryan as John Constantine

Let's get the obvious out of the way first. Matt Ryan was absolutely phenomenal as John Constantine. Ryan was the second man to play Constantine in live-action, after Keanu Reeves' take on the character in the 2005 film adaptation, Constantine. While Reeves' performance as the occult detective received decidedly mixed reviews, Matt Ryan has been nearly universally lauded for his take on the irreverent, chain smoking, master (or dabbler) of the dark arts. Whether it be his delivery of Constantine's scathing wit, interaction with demons, or conflicted nature, Ryan appears to perfectly embody everything most fans would hope for in a live-action take on the character.

Matt Ryan showed he still has it when he appeared in a season 4 episode of Arrow, helping Oliver rescue Sara Lance's soul after she was resurrected in the Lazarus Pit. Further, DC must like what they have with Ryan, as he has lent his voice to the Constantine character in the upcoming animated film, Justice League Dark. Should viewership be high enough on CW Seed, and the network does indeed decide to bring Constantine back for a second season, Constantine (as played by Ryan) would immediately ascend to one of the most accurate portrayals of a comic book character on television.

14 The Supernatural

Constantine Matt Ryan Fire

When it comes to comic book adaptations, there are many different kinds of shows on the air. There are the realistic (as much as they can be), grounded series, like Daredevil. Then there are the series that embrace the idea of super powers in all their glory, like The Flash. And, of course, there is everything in between. However, when it comes to the supernatural, television has not not quite figured out how to mirror the comics. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which is in its fourth season, is beginning to tackle the idea with Ghost Rider, and magic played a prominent role in the fourth season of Arrow -- with mixed results.

Unfortunately, magic never fit in with the Green Arrow lore. This led to a fourth season of Arrow that was largely dismissed by fans of the character as not in keeping with the grounded vigilantism of the first three seasons. However, this does not mean that magic, mystics, and supernatural stories are not welcome by fans of comics and their adaptations. Rather, they just need the proper forum. And, Constantine is just that. A second season of Constantine on The CW would allow the network to explore the mystical elements of comics that fans want to see. Further, it would give the Arrowverse coverage in almost every aspect of DC comics -- vigilantism, metahumans, time-travel, aliens, and the dark arts.

13 Dangerous Habits

Matt Ryan as Constantine

One of the great things about comic book adaptations on television (and film) is that there are so many stories already built into the property. While it is always nice to see something original, there is a reason for the saying, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." Like many comic book characters, John Constantine has had his share of iconic story arcs during his three decade run in comics. Few of these arcs, though, achieve the notoriety of Garth Ennis' "Dangerous Habits."

"Dangerous Habits" follows John Constantine as he is dying of terminal lung cancer, and it was loosely adapted in the 2005 film. However, the Keanu Reeves starring film left much room for improvement. The first season of Constantine already laid the groundwork for a "Dangerous Habits" adaptation, making sure to showcase Constantine chain smoking every chance he could, as well as noting he is damned to hell. Should The CW decide to bring Constantine back for a second season, they would be smart to adapt one of the most recognizable Hellblazer stories ever.

12 Angelic Characters

Constantine Angles

No character can say they are in the middle of the war between good and evil like John Constantine. While every hero must deal with the dichotomy between good and evil in society, Constantine quite literally interacts with the embodiment of those ideals, as he does battle with actual angels and demons. While the first season of Constantine began its dive into the characters' long history, there just was not enough time to explore all the classic characters that need to appear in a Constantine adaptation.

To continue on that point, there is a class of characters that need to appear in a second season of Constantine: angels. So far, the only prominent angel to appear in Constantine is Manny (more on him later), played by Harold Perrineau. Since John Constantine is a major player in the war between Heaven and Hell, a second season of the show would give us an opportunity to see more heavenly characters like Gabriel, who plays a role in the previously mentioned "Dangerous Habits" storyline.

11 Crossover with Supernatural

Supernatural Season 11 Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki

For 11 seasons, Supernatural has been on of The CW's most popular shows. That series, which stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki as Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester, follows the two brothers as they hunt supernatural evil. As a series that was popular on The CW long before the Arrowverse was even being considered, there has been a subset of fans who've held out hope that the network would produce a Supernatural crossover with some of its DC heroes.

And as complicated as that may be, if The CW ever decided to do that, there is one character who would make the most sense to lead the way: John Constantine. Supernatural, which will premier its 12th season on October 13, is nearing the end of its run. The CW could bring Constantine back for a second season, and use a crossover with Supernatural as a passing of the, well, supernatural torch. It would be a move that would excite fans of the long-running show, while likely not upsetting anyone else.

10 Zatanna

Zatanna from DC Comics

One of the greatest things about all the comic book adaptations on television is the wealth of characters at each series' disposal. With many DC characters being around in one form or another for over half a century, the Arrowverse, in particular, has been able to introduce a ton of fan favorites to the small screen. And Constantine should be no exception. But there is one classic character that absolutely needs to show up in a second season: Zatanna. As a member of the Justice League and Justice League Dark (more on the latter later), Zatanna would be a great character to bridge the gap and further connect Constantine to the larger Arrowverse.

Zatanna has been a mainstay in DC animated television series and films, and she's no stranger to the television world (Serinda Swan played her for a few seasons on Smallville). It's about time that the magic wielding hero makes her return to live-action television, and a second season of Constantine would be the perfect way to make that happen. And as a frequent romantic interest of John Constantine, it would only make sense that the powerful sorceress would make an appearance in a second season.

9 Newcastle Incident

Newcastle Incident

A frequent topic of conversation, and area of conflict for John in Constantine, was the incident at Newcastle. Prior to the events of the first season of Constantine, John attempted a risky exorcism of the possessed Astra by summoning a powerful demon. Unfortunately, John lost control of the demon and ended up damning Astra to Hell. This event became so traumatic, that it turned most of Constantine's team against him, and resulted in Constantine committing himself.

A second season of Constantine would presumably further address the incident at Newcastle, and, possibly, bring about some sort of resolution. In the Hellblazer comics, John Constantine is able to eventually free Astra's soul from Hell. And even fans of dark comic adaptations, like Constantine, appreciate a happy ending. A second season of Constantine should continue to explore John's guilt of the incident, but, eventually, see him achieve redemption.

Further exploration of this incident could even be the catalyst that brings about a live-action adaptation of Dream (no matter how unlikely), as he is the one who eventually relieves John of his nightmares of the incident.

8 Rake at the Gates of Hell

Rake at the Gates of Hell

Should a second season of Constantine come to pass, one that takes on some of the characters' more popular stories, "Rake at the Gates of Hell" would be high up on the list of contenders. This is especially true if the series were to adapt Ennis' earlier work "Dangerous Habits." Admittedly, a "Rake at the Gates of Hell" adaptation would be a bold endeavor by The CW, and presumably, a few aspects of the story would have to be altered.

The story brings the epic battle between the First of the Fallen and Constantine to a head after their encounter in "Dangerous Habits." The story also provides a reunion between Constantine and one of his great loves, Kit Ryan. Should a second season of Constantine occur, and The CW decided to adapt both "Dangerous Habits" and Rake at the Gates of Hell," there are a few characters who would need introducing -- making these stories even more necessary. One of those characters is Kit Ryan, but another, and perhaps the most necessary, is the First of the Fallen, which leads us to our next point.

7 The First of the Fallen

First of the Fallen

Every great comic book hero needs his/her own formidable archenemy. And there are few characters whose greatest antagonist is as dangerously evil as Constantine's. The First of the Fallen was created by Garth Ennis as the embodiment of pure evil, and intended to be the manifestation of the Devil. Due to some continuity issues with The Sandman's Lucifer, the First's backstory was slightly revised. As it goes, the First of the Fallen is the first being banished to Hell, and has become one of its most prominent overlords.

As previously mentioned, The First of the Fallen has been one of Constantine's most powerful and long lasting antagonists, having played a major role in some of John's most pivotal stories (like "Dangerous Habits" and "Rake at the Gates of Hell"). The First's absence from season one of Constantine all but necessitates a second season. And while it was Lucifer who appeared in the 2005 Constantine film, we need a true adaptation of the First to pose a real threat to John in the future.

6 Easter Eggs

Doctor Fate Helmet

While usually not being pivotal to future stories, Easter Eggs play a huge role in comic book adaptations. It's a cool way for the creators of various series to tip their hat to some of the many tremendous comic creations, and reward passionate fans who understand the rich history of their favorite characters. Whether it be a Wayne Enterprise satellite, or a Lex Luthor name drop, these small references are just a good bit of fun for everyone.

Perhaps the most awesome Easter Egg from Constantine's first season, though, was the appearance of Doctor Fate's helmet. The helmet appeared in the first episode of the series when Constantine was giving Liv Aberdine (who only appeared in the pilot) a tour of her father's mystical lair.

There were plenty of other cool Easter Eggs in Jasper's home, and plenty more that could have made an appearance. With DC having such a rich mystical history, a second season of Constantine could give a light nod to passionate fans by introducing other small mementos from classic characters. Whether they end up playing an important role in future episodes or not, the important thing is the writers letting their fans know that they understand the lore they are exploring.

5 Jim Corrigan/Spectre

Jim Corrigan Spectre Constantine

There is perhaps no character in the entire DC Universe as powerful as the Spectre. Essentially carrying the powers of God, there is almost nothing Spectre cannot do. While Spectre did not appear in Constantine, his human host, Jim Corrigan, did. In Constantine, Corrigan, played by Emmett Scanlan, is a cop in New Orleans who appears in two episodes of the first season. In those episodes, he helps Constantine battle evil that is growing in his city. He also develops a bit of a romantic interest in Constantine's ally, Zed (played by Angélica Celaya).

Zed, who uses her visions to help Constantine battle the rising darkness, had a few disturbing looks into Corrigan's future. On several occasions, she has a vision of him dead, covered in blood, and glowing green. This clearly was laying the groundwork for Corrigan to eventually die and become a host to the cosmic entity, Spectre. The CW could make a lot of people happy if they brought back Constantine and finished what the first season started -- turning Jim Corrigan into the Spectre.

4 Arrowverse Crossover

Arrow-Season 4-Episode 5-Sara-Lance-John-Constantine

Crossovers are all the rage right now. Whether it be in big team up movies like The Avengers or Justice League, or Barry Allen showing up in Star City, it's always fun to see characters who exist in the same universe interact. The Arrowverse, in particular, has made a habit of large crossovers, and they're only getting bigger. Once Barry Allen and The Flash joined Oliver Queen and Arrow on The CW, the network has made a point of having the two join forces each season. And now, with Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl part of the Arrowverse family, we will be treated to a massive crossover that unites characters from all four shows against one common threat -- the Dominators.

If Constantine were to join The CW, the possibility for crossovers would be immense. Five shows, all on one network, could make for a week-long crossover of epic proportions. It would be like nothing we have seen on television to date. Whatever enemy unites all five shows would have to be great, of course, as any threat large enough to require the likes of The Flash, Green Arrow, Supergirl, Firestorm (and others from the Waverider), and John Constantine to team up would have to be more dangerous than anything we've seen so far.

Perhaps, the major crossover could be a way to introduce a new team of heroes much like last season's Arrowverse one was used to introduce Hawkman and Hawkgirl, setting up Legends of Tomorrow. What team would that be?...

3 Justice League Dark

Swamp Thing Test Footage Justice League Dark

Some fans would honestly prefer that The CW just pull the trigger on a Justice League Dark series rather than a second season of Constantine -- that's how popular the group of supernatural heroes are. The Justice League Dark, which normally consists of members John Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman, Swamp Thing, and Madame Xanadu, was rumored to appear on Constantine prior to the series' cancellation by NBC. The super squad, which has proven to be hugely popular among fans, takes on supernatural threats that the main Justice League are less prepared to handle.

The group's popularity has led to various attempts at adapting them to live-action, with Guillermo del Toro often connected to the project. While Guillermo del Toro is no longer set to helm the film, Warner Bros. has made Dark Universe a DCEU priority, with Doug Limon now set to direct. While you may feel the upcoming film precludes the Arrowverse from adapting a Justice League Dark on their own, Warner Bros. has indeed shown that they do not mind having major characters appear in both mediums.

The DCEU and Arrowverse each have their own Barry Allen, Deathstroke, and Superman, not to mention a bunch of others that could come to pass in the coming years. There's no reason why a Dark Universe film could not also coincide with a different adaptation of the JLD on The CW, hopefully with the team forming on Constantine. Plus, the team's popularity will only continue to grow as they will soon appear in their own animated film, Justice League Dark, which is set to be released later this month.

2 Zed's Backstory

Zed Constantine

While fans would certainly like to see more from Newcastle, the major backstory in John Constantine's life, we at least have a pretty good idea about what happened there. Zed's backstory, on the other hand, is shrouded in mystery. Zed joins John Constantine's fight against the rising darkness in the series' second episode when she bumps into John in a Pennsylvania mining town. She instantly knew who John was, as she had been having visions of him for quite a long time. From that point on, she became extremely useful to John's mission, but we still know very little about her.

We learn towards the latter part of season one that Zed (who's real name is Mary) is on the run from a cult led by her father. That's about it. We know she wants nothing to do with it, and that the group is trying very hard to reconnect the family so that they can use Zed's abilities for their own nefarious purposes. There is no doubt that Zed's familial history was slated to be further explored in future episodes of the series, and a second season would help flesh out that storyline.

1 Manny's Endgame

Manny and John Constantine

There is nothing more frustrating than a cliffhanger that's left unresolved. But this is the reality we are facing if Constantine never returns to television. The most prominent angelic character in the first season on NBC was Constantine's "handler," Manny. He was a constant annoyance to Constantine, showing up whenever he felt like it, and leaving just as quickly as he came. He would often warn Constantine of the ramifications of the rising darkness, though without helping much, which constantly frustrated John. Still, it certainly did appear like Manny was on the side of the angels.

He broke with his "rules" to kill a fallen angel attempting to exist on the mortal plane, lent a helpful ear to Zed, and alerted Constantine to much of the evil he fought. Still, Manny's true allegiance is completely unknown, as the end of season one revealed a shocking development. In freeing Papa Midnight, Manny reveals that La Brujería (who were thought to be behind the rising darkness), in fact, works for him. Manny then flies off, leaving our jaws dropped with no resolution in sight. Season 2 of Constantine needs to happen, if for no other reason than to resolve the massive cliffhanger we were left with.


These are just 15 of the many reasons fans want a second season of Constantine. Is there something else you need to see in a second season? Let us know in the comments, and keep streaming on CW Seed!

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