Constantine Season 1 Now Available on CW Seed

While 2005's Constantine film adaptation starring Keanu Reeves has its share of fans, hardcore devotees of Hellblazer were never quite pleased with the liberties it took with the source material. Thus, when NBC's TV version of Constantine arrived in fall 2014, much excitement was to be had. Casting Welsh actor Matt Ryan in the lead role, and staying much more accurate in general to the comics, Constantine was mostly well received by viewers, and quickly earned a dedicated cult audience.

Unfortunately, that never translated to big ratings numbers, and NBC dropped the cancellation ax on Constantine after a single season of 13 episodes. At the time, rumors suggested that Constantine might find a new home, with the leading candidates being NBC's sister cable network Syfy and existing home of multiple DC-based dramas The CW. Unfortunately, a new deal didn't come to pass, although Ryan did appear as Constantine during a season 4 episode of Arrow last year.

However, a glimmer of hope may have just arrived for Constantine fans, depending on how one chooses to interpret the news that the CW Seed app now has all 13 season 1 episodes available for streaming. Available on iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire, CW Seed is absolutely free to use, with the caveat that viewers are faced with unskippable ad breaks.

Matt Ryan as Constantine

While Constantine season 1 has previously been made available in full on paid subscription services like Hulu and Amazon Prime, its placement on CW Seed represents the first time that viewers can legally stream all 13 episodes for free since the series' original NBC run ended. Oddly enough, Constantine still hasn't been released to either DVD or Blu-Ray, so CW Seed streaming is currently the easiest option available for either fans who want to watch the show again or newbies who want to find out what all the fuss is about.

That said, Constantine arriving on a CW platform leads to a natural follow-up question: Does this mean that The CW is reconsidering ordering a second season? Obviously, one should definitely not assume that's the case, unless one wants to risk being disappointed all over again. Still, with The CW already set to air four DC-based programs this fall - and Constantine having already been integrated into the universe via Arrow - it's not impossible to believe that a return of the occult detective might be in the cards. If nothing else, The CW may simply be curious to see how Constantine's streaming reruns perform, which may in itself lead to talks of a revival if viewership is good enough.

Will Constantine turn out to be only mostly dead? It's too soon to say for sure, but fans will certainly continue to hope that The CW chooses to dabble in the dark arts once again.

Source: CW Seed

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