'Constantine' & 'Grimm' Featurette; NBC Orders More 'Constantine' Scripts

Friday nights on NBC are going to get seriously supernatural this month, with episodes of Grimm season 4 and new DC adaptation Constantine stacking up together to fight monsters before the weekend kicks in.

Grimm, which premiered in 2011, is a police procedural with the added twist that its protagonist, homicide investigator Nick Burkhardt, comes from a long line of guardians who are charged with keeping the supernatural world from getting out of hand. Meanwhile, Constantine is based on the long-running Hellblazer comic books and stars a magician, trickster and con artist called John Constantine, who finds himself constantly drawn into supernatural conflicts.

Grimm has a solid built-in audience while Constantine has a lot of interested fans ready to tune in, so it makes sense for NBC to cross-promote the two shows in the lead-up to Grimm's return and Constantine's debut. That's just what the network has done in a new dual featurette for Grimm and Constantine, in which the stars hug awkwardly and advise viewers to tune in for one another's shows. The featurette also offers a look at a future episode of Constantine, in which our anti-hero confronts his darker self.

Constantine's "unsettling" double could be a version of the demonic doppelgänger that the character creates for himself in the comics, into which he siphons off all of the absolute worst aspects of his personality along with the demonic blood that he acquired in a previous adventure. Introducing the demonic Constantine early on in the series would certainly be a good way to dig deeper into the character's psyche.

Demon Constantine

Deadline reports that NBC's confidence in Constantine as a Friday night draw is high enough that the network has ordered three extra scripts for the show. While this doesn't necessarily mean that Constantine will get renewed for a second season, it does mean that NBC is eager to keep writers working on the show, especially since it's reportedly tracking very well and currently has one of the highest awareness levels for a new series.

Constantine is part of a fall lineup that's going to be very heavy on DC properties, with Gotham and The Flash debuting their first seasons and Arrow returning for a third season this week. Between these shows and the numerous upcoming Marvel series, it really is a good time to be a comic book fan.

Grimm season 4 and Constantine will begin airing on 24th October 2014, with Grimm at 9/8c and Constantine at 10/9c, on NBC.

Source: Deadline

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