'Constantine' Comic-Con Trailer: A Glimpse at What's On the Way

'Constantine', NBC's upcoming adaptation of the graphic novel 'Hellblazer', got a new trailer at Comic-Con with some new footage from the show.

Constantine Comic-Con Trailer

But it also provides studios and networks with premium advertising space for titles that have already begun their promotional campaigns. Case in point: NBC's Constantine, the rapidly gestating television adaptation of Alan Moore's occult oriented graphic novel, Hellblazer.

The series has to date already received a pair of trailers, in extra large and fun size proportions, both of which cover more or less similar ground (with obvious discrepancies due to differences in running time). One might not assume that there's a ton of urgency, then, to present a fresh clip for Comic-Con audiences, but necessary or not, NBC came prepared with two-minutes-and-forty-four seconds of footage from the show.

Constantine Comic-Con Trailer

Curiously enough, it's a lot more of the same, but given that SDCC is basically just a humongous billboard for easy publicity, no one can really blame them for trying. (Maybe this is all they have to show off for the time being.)

So the basics from previous Constantine trailers remain pretty much intact: we already know that our hero (Matt Ryan), exorcist and petty dabbler of the dark arts, is majorly damned for failing to save a little girl's soul from the clutches of the demon Astaroth (one of the crowned princes of Hell). We also know that he has sought out Liv Aberdine (Lucy Griffiths) to fulfill a promise he made to her father. And we know that angels are just as much a part of Constantine's spooky world as skeletons, spirits, and haunts (and that they're pretty haughty and judgmental).

But there's enough that's new here to give this little sneak peek some pep. The demon Constantine is haunted by, for example, hasn't been named in other teasers for the series. Here, the entire flashback to that fateful encounter is fleshed out a bit more, giving some necessary extra background to Constantine's character and setting the stage for his damnation.

Matt Ryan as Constantine

We also get to see the cast interact a little bit more - we've seen Constantine exchange words with the angel Manny (Lost's Harold Perrineau) before, but we see a little bit more of their back and forth this time, not to mention some playful banter between our hero and his faithful sidekick Chaz (True Detective's Charles Halford).

Plus: extra grue. It's hard to imagine a DC Comics adaptation going quite as hard on graphic gore as, say, FX's American Horror Story, but if you're quick on the pause button, you'll be treated to the sight of some truly horrific stuff in the Comic-Con trailer's final moments (one of which might even put that aforementioned horror series' villain Bloody Face to shame).

If this latest tease doesn't pack the same informative wallop as yesterday's announcement about Papa Midnite and the supernatural detective's trademark nicotine habit, it still offers a creepy, exciting glance at what Constantine has in store for viewers this fall even in spite of the lack of new material.

Constantine will premiere October 24th, 2014 @8pm on NBC.

Source: Warner Bros. TV

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