CW Seed's Constantine Animated Series First Look Clip Arrives

The first clip has arrived for CW Seed's Constantine animated series, and it doesn't shy away from blood and violence. The past few months have proven just how essential the animated Arrowverse shows are to the live-action series. San Diego Comic-Con 2017 brought word that Vixen villain Kuasa will be a major antagonist in Legends of Tomorrow season 3, and we learned last week just how much the two shows will connect. Meanwhile, the upcoming Freedom Fighters: The Ray will play a massive role in the Arrowverse crossover this year. Then there's Constantine.

While NBC's Constantine wasn't originally part of the Arrowverse, its cancellation led to Matt Ryan reprising his role on the Arrow. CW Seed then starting streaming the first season of the show and they're now taking things a step further, via an animated Constantine series. The first poster for the Constantine animated series debuted at New York Comic Con this past weekend. Now, a first look clip from the show has arrived, showing just how faithful it will be to the comics.

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Warner Bros Animation has released the first clip from Constantine and it is full of blood, violence, and demons. While the NBC live-action series had to dial back the character a bit, we see John Constantine smoking and cursing with abandon in cartoon form. The clip also shows plenty of gore and demons killing, so Hellblazer comic fans will likely be thrilled.

Constantine will serve as the third animated DC Comics TV series set in the shared television universe that is The CW's Arrowverse. These shows don't just offer extra adventures with more DC heroes and villains - they also help incubate new live-action characters. Vixen has already been on Arrow, and her grandmother is a regular on Legends of Tomorrow. The Ray, meanwhile, will debut in the Arrowverse crossover this year, where his Earth-X will serve as the main setting, and Constantine himself will be returning to the Arrowverse this season too.

During NYCC, we learned that Ryan will once again tackle the role of John Constantine in Legends of Tomorrow's third season. The show has long allowed a variety of more obscure DC characters to make the jump from comics to television, so it makes sense that it would also house so many heroes and villains from the animated side of the Arrowverse.

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Constantine debuts on CW Seed in 2018.

Source: Warner Bros Animation

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