Constantine Animated Series Gets March Premiere Date

DC's upcoming Constantine animated series set to air on CW Seed has received a premiere date, and it's thankfully not too far away. Constantine of course first came to the screen via Francis Lawrence' 2005 film, starring dark-haired American actor Keanu Reeves as the notoriously British, blonde-haired character. While that movie has its fans, it wasn't until the 2014 premiere of NBC's Constantine TV series that the dabbler in the dark arts was really captured in a fashion at least mostly accurate to his comic origins.

Welsh actor Matt Ryan quickly established himself as a perfect fit for the Constantine role, and the series earned itself a loyal following. Unfortunately, said following wasn't enough to save it from being canceled by NBC after a single season of 13 episodes. While that decision still stings for many, Ryan has at least gotten to reprise the role in two live-action appearances on The CW's Arrowverse shows, the first happening on Arrow in 2015 and the second on a recent episode of Legends of Tomorrrow.

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While a new live-action Constantine series or film has yet to be announced, Matt Ryan will once again bring John Constantine to life soon, albeit in the animated realm. CW Seed - a free, ad-supported streaming service - is gearing up to debut Constantine's first televised foray into animation on Saturday, March 24, according to Coming Soon. Additionally, Constantine will be part of Warner Bros. TV's presentation at WonderCon in Anaheim that same weekend, and will hold a "world premiere" screening of the first episode.

It's currently unclear if CW Seed plans to release the entire first season of Constantine's animated series in one big Netflix-style drop, or release a new episode each Saturday going forward from March 24. The news of Constantine's impending animated premiere comes after a surprise reveal earlier today that Ryan's Constantine will also make an appearance in Legends of Tomorrow's season 3 finale. Ryan had been previously confirmed to only have a two-episode arc on Legends, the second of which airs on March 19.

Considering his growing presence in the Arrowverse and soon to debut animated series, it's clear that DC's TV arm sees Matt Ryan's Constantine as an important asset. While it's uncertain whether Ryan will ever get to star in another solo live-action series, at least his time playing Constantine looks to be nowhere near finished. Now, if only one of Constantine's appearances in the Arrowverse would at least see fit to resolve the dangling plot threads of his short-lived NBC series.

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Constantine the animated series premieres March 24 on CW Seed.

Source: Coming Soon

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