Conor McGregor's Bus Attack May End His UFC Career

Conor McGregor

One of the biggest celebrities in the Mixed Martial Arts scene is Conor McGregor. The 29-year-old fighter was a huge star in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, but his celebrity totally exploded in the lead-up to his highly-publicized fight with the undefeated world champion, Floyd Mayweather, who came out of retirement to do battle with the Irish combatant.

The fight was one of the biggest sporting events ever, with McGregor rumored to have earned $100 million for putting up his dukes against Mayweather - who himself is alleged to have made a staggering $300 million for the fight. McGregor was defeated when the referee put a stop to the fight following a series of hard punches from the boxing champion, but it was worth it to become a household name and one of the biggest stars in the world... And the $100 million surely went a long way in easing the bitter taste of defeat.

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By all appearances, McGregor was on top of the world, which is why recent events are so baffling. McGregor hasn't fought a UFC match since late 2016, so fans have been eagerly awaiting his return to The Octagon, but his recent, non-fighting appearances have been... Unorthodox, to say the least, all culminating in an arrest and criminal charges. Whatever happens, one question remains – Will Conor McGregor fight again?

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Inappropriate Behavior at Bellator 187

Conor McGregor has always been an outspoken trash talker. He likes to play mind games on his opponents, a tactic he adopted from one of his favorite athletes, Muhammad Ali. Unfortunately, it seems like McGregor has grown more unhinged and has shown some erratic and disturbing behavior in two of his most recent appearances.

During November 2017's Bellator 187, an MMA event, McGregor's friend, Charlie Ward, defeated John Redmond. As the match was ending, but not before it was officially over, McGregor jumped into the cage to congratulate his fellow Straight Blast Gym teammate, despite not being one of Ward's designated corner men. It may not sound like a big deal, but it was a clear violation of the rules, and it only got worse when the referee, Marc Goddard, stepped in to separate the bro-hug bonding and get Ward back to his corner.

Agitated and unwilling to accept this outing of his own misbehavior, McGregor turned his positivity over his friend's victory into negativity towards the referee. He charged towards Goddard, and shoved the referee until he had to be restrained and ejected from the cage.

McGregor took to Instagram to apologize for his actions, stating, "...I let my emotions get the best of me... As a role model and public figure, I must hold myself to a higher standard... I am sorry to everyone... I’ve always learned from my mistakes and this will be no different." He also lambasted the referee for, as he saw it, trying to pick up the defeated Redmond off the ground to force him to continue fighting against Ward, despite being incapacitated by the beating he endured in the first round of the match.

The Bus Attack

On April 5, at a promotional UFC event held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, McGregor went too far. The exact reason for his shocking attack is currently unknown, but is believed to possibly be related to a feud between Artem Lobov (McGregor's friend) and Khabib Nurmagomedov. Whatever the case, McGregor, accompanied by Lobov and a large entourage, launched a one-man attack on a bus full of UFC fighters. Footage of the attack can be seen above, but be warned, it is full of extremely explicit language.

McGregor picks up an equipment dolly and throws it at the bus, shattering the window and injuring multiple fighters with shards of broken glass. Michael Chiesa was hospitalized with facial cuts from the attack, and other minor injuries were also reported. Conor's unprecedented behavior has been called "the most disgusting thing that has ever happened in the history of the company," by UFC President Dana White, who warned, "After this move, I think everybody’s relationship with Conor is going to be not so great."

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