The Conners: Sarah Chalke's Andrea Returning for Roseanne Spinoff

Sarah Chalke's character Andrea returns to The Conners, as she's set to make an appearance in an upcoming episode of the Roseanne spinoff.

A familiar face returns to The Conners, as Sarah Chalke's character Andrea is set to make an appearance in an upcoming episode of the Roseanne spinoff. Chalke of course became a part of permanent Roseanne lore when she took over the role of Becky in season 6 after Lecy Goranson exited the series to attend college. Goranson later returned as Becky, while Chalke went on to forge her own career on television, most notably on the sitcoms Scrubs and How I Met Your Mother. She also voices the character Beth on the Adult Swim animated hit Rick and Morty.

When Roseanne returned for its revival season in 2018, "Becky #2" Chalke was surprisingly brought on-board, playing a character named Andrea who engages "Becky #1" to act as her surrogate. But Becky's plan to make $50,000 by giving birth to Andrea's child ends in heartbreak when she learns her eggs are no longer viable. Becky spirals into depression after learning she is no longer fertile, but gets a boost from Darlene when the two get drunk together and finally talk about their issues.

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TVLine reports that an upcoming episode of The Conners will bring back Andrea, and that the character has a big surprise for Becky. The episode in question is set to run on Nov. 27 and is entitled "One Flew Over the Conners' Nest." TVLine reveals that Andrea will tell Becky she has finally achieved her dream of becoming a parent. Andrea's arrival with a new baby is also teased by The Conners on Instagram, as seen below:

Andrea returning with a new baby will no doubt come as a surprise to Becky after all the surrogacy drama, but in fact Andrea might not be the only one set to make a surprise baby announcement in the coming weeks. Indeed, speculation has already fired up that in the Nov. 20 episode of The Conners, Becky herself will announce to the family that she has overcome her own infertility and become pregnant. Rumors of a Becky pregnancy began circulating after Lecy Goranson appeared on The Talk with her Conners co-star Sara Gilbert and teased a "life-changing event" coming up for her character. "It’s pretty intense for Becky considering everything else that’s happened, but it really does turn over her entire life and she’s in the middle of it," Goranson said.

The official synopsis for next week's episode of The Conners gives away nothing about Becky's possible pregnancy, but does tease the possibility by proclaiming: "Miracles can happen...even in Lanford." The episode will also deal with Becky's alcoholism, an issue that has popped up sporadically during the last season of Roseanne and again during the first few episodes of The Conners. Nothing is confirmed yet of course, but all signs point to the Conner brood getting a new member in the near future.

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Source: TVLine, The Conners/Instagram, The Talk/YouTube

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