Conners Confirms Johnny Galecki Returning as David in Juliette Lewis Casting

Former Roseanne cast member Johnny Galecki's return as David in The Conners is confirmed, with the spinoff also casting Juliette Lewis. After Roseanne Barr's racist tweet toward Valerie Jarrett, ABC swiftly pulled the plug on the revival of the 1990s sitcom. Yet, unwilling to punish the entire cast for the behavior of their leading lady, ABC announced a spinoff called The Conners in June.

Fans were left wondering what Roseanne would look like without Roseanne, and more importantly, how the writers would acknowledge her character's disappearance. Barr herself recently announced that her character overdoses on opioids, a suggestion that could possibly be read as one of the comic actress' far-fetched conspiracy theories, were it not for co-star John Goodman having previously confirmed that Roseanne's character would be killed off in the spinoff.

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Juliette Lewis posted a photo on Instagram today seated next to both Johnny Galecki and Sara Gilbert, confirming both her and Galecki's casting in The Conners. On Roseanne, Galecki played David Healy, the younger brother to Mark (Glenn Quinn), and the on-again, off-again boyfriend and eventual husband of Darlene (Gilbert). Galecki reprised his role briefly for the Roseanne revival, during its short stint on the small screen. Lewis - who was not a member of the original cast - will portray David's girlfriend Blue, a character mentioned during the revival. Lewis and David have an interesting history, as the two played brother and sister Rusty and Audrey Griswold in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

Amid the PR nightmare and general disaster that was the end of Roseanne's revival, Laurie Metcalf – who plays Roseanne's sister Jackie – was nominated for an Emmy. This marked the fifth Emmy nomination Metcalf received for her work on Roseanne, and would've been her fourth win had she not lost to Alex Borstein from the acclaimed The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Metcalf's personal accomplishments represent one silver lining for the disastrous show, and her return - alongside people like Goodman and Gilbert - is the best thing The Conners has going for it.

The first episode of the Roseanne revival opened with difficult conversations about political beliefs dividing families, but Roseanne's own personal beliefs nearly tanked a much anticipated remake. Although TV husband Goodman came forward to defend Roseanne against allegations of racism, other cast members weren't nearly as forgiving, and are happy to participate in the spinoff without her. There's no telling whether or not the show will be successful without its former title character, but moving forward, it may be best for The Conners to do what most families do around the dinner table, and not talk politics.

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The Conners premieres October 16 on ABC.

Source: Juliette Lewis

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