Confirmed: Michael Caine IS In Nolan's 'Inception'

It was reported earlier this month (by the man himself no less) that Sir Michael Caine might be getting a part in Christopher Nolan's upcoming enigmatic thriller Inception. However, at that point it was just Caine letting us know that there might be a part for him, one of the reasons being he has worked with Nolan a few times and in his words, "I don't think Nolan's going to make a picture without me."

It was only yesterday that Screen Rant reported on another face, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, being added to the already great cast, and yet we have another new addition today: yes, that's right, Caine has joined the cast of Inception.


It's not a huge part, as our friends over at InContention lets us know via a quote from Caine himself, but at least he's in there, working again with a director he clearly works well with. Here's what he had to say:

"I have a little part in it, yes. Just a tiny part. Chris [Nolan] and I are very good friends so I'll do that little part. I think I'll work about three days. It'll be extraordinary, wait until you see this one. I think if I say another word he's going to kill me!"

As I said above, the cast (Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, Cillian Murphy and Marion Cotillard) of this film was already great even before Levitt joined, then he jumped aboard, and it moved up the scale even more. And now that Caine is officially on-board, even if it's not to play a huge role, Inception's cast is officially brilliant.

I don't think the film can take any more awesome performers joining it - but something tells me there are more people to come...

What do you make of the cast brought together so far for this film? Do you like that Caine is working with Nolan again?

Inception is set for a release sometime next year.

Source: /Film and InContention

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