Confirmed: Megan Fox To Star In 'Fathom' & 'Jonah Hex'

We told you way back in September that Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen star Megan Fox had signed-on to play the lead role of Aspen, in Fox Atomic's adaptation of Michael Turner's Fathom.

Well now comes word that the project is indeed moving ahead, with the newly single Fox still attached to star and co-produce the film...along with her ex-fiancé???

Yes, oddly enough Megan Fox will be sharing production duties on Fathom with Safran Productions, whose roster includes Peter Safran, Steve Bessen and Fox's ex-amour, Brian Austin Green. Won't that make for some awkward situations on the set...

Especially since playing Aspen will likely require Megan Fox to be repeatedly drenched with water while draped in sure-to-be-skimpy "costumes." Fathom, after all, is the story of an orphaned girl who discovers that she is actually a super-powered member of an undersea race. That kind of role demands a lot of time in the dunk tank. And poor Brian will be forced to watch and remember the time when she used to be his...


The script is being written by Prince of Persia video game designer, Jordan Mechner. The late Micheal Turner will be an executive producer on the film along with Frank Mastromauro. Fathom is currently slated for a 2011 release date. No word yet on who will direct.

You can learn more about what Fathom is all about by going here.

Does Megan Fox seem like a good fit for the role of Aspen? Do you think working on a film with her ex will provide us, the public, with hilarious on-set rumors and/or controversy? Do you think that somewhere, Michael Turner is happy with how Fathom is progressing?

[UPDATE: Fox is also in final talks to star alongside Josh Brolin in Jonah Hex, which is slated for a August 6, 2010 release.]

Source: Variety

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