Concept Art from Orlando Bloom's New Thriller 'The Cross'

[UPDATE: It turns out the artwork we had displayed here was NOT by Puzos nor related to the film, so we've removed it.]

Andrew Niccol (writer/director of Gattaca) takes us into an oppressive future once again with The Cross. The film follows two travelers (one played by Orlando Bloom) that reach a border through which the commanding guard (Vincent Cassel) lets no one pass. Ever. Conflict, of course, ensues.

Jean-Vincent Puzos (production desginer on this film and 10,000 BC) has created the following concept images for the future world of The Cross:

Niccol got an Oscar nomination for writing The Truman Show and Bloom seems to like blockbusters (see: Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Carribean, Troy).  Between the two of them, the film could be both good and very profitable.  Vincent Cassel showed playfulness in Ocean's Twelve and a deadly serious side in films like Derailed and Eastern Promises. John Goodman also appears in The Cross - and speaking of LOTR who hasn't longed for the return of King Ralph?

Our friends over at i09 provided this (somewhat) more detailed synopsis of the film:

Mylar (Bloom) ... defies all odds and becomes the first to successfully cross the border. And he also becomes the first to come back… all for the love of a woman, Vera. Mylar must now devise a plan not only to set himself free, but all of his fellow citizens as well. But perhaps crossing the border is not the answer. Perhaps the key lies in altering the border and whatever it may represent…

For more Blade Runner meets A River Runs Through It pics, check out Quiet Earth.  So, do you find these concept pics for The Cross enticing, or have you had your fill of Terminator/Battlestar Galactica-esque dystopic landscapes?

Source: io9, Quiet Earth

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