Concept Art From James Cameron's 'Avatar'

Guys over at Market Saw got a hold of some 'concept art' from James Cameron's upcoming, "photo-realistic" 3-D, CGI epic, Avatar. And the pics definitely raise some interesting questions.

The pics are actually of an official promotional tee-shirt from the Avatar set, which (according to the Market Saw guys,) was raffled off to crew members by actor Sam Worthington himself.

Notice how the "Na'vi" character is looking a lot more terrestrial? Sporting a bow and arrow set? Like an Elf from LOTR.

Makes you wonder what this latest rendition of Na'vi means about that unconfirmed Avatar "concept art" that leaked online last winter.  That shapely blue girl looked a whole lot more aquatic.

With Summer 2008 winding down, I'm starting to really get curious about what ol' Jimmy C. has been cooking up in that crazy movie-lab of his. Hope Avatar really is something spectacular, because after seeing that T4 teaser trailer and hearing the initial buzz about, the Terminator mantle is in danger of getting passed to a guy who has three letters for a name. That would sting.

Source: Market Saw

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