Command & Conquer Veterans Are Making a Conan the Barbarian Strategy Game

Conan Unconquered Funcom gameplay

Conan the Barbarian fans are in for a treat as the muscular hero is set to return to PC for his first ever strategy game, dubbed Conan Unconquered. If the news wasn't enough to get players reaching for their swords in excitement, the game is coming from the acclaimed studio behind the likes of Star Wars: Empire at War and 2019's Command & Conquer: Remasters.

Although Conan the Barbarian has had a troubled history when it comes to movies (although, a TV series is now in development), his video came credentials stretch back to 1984's Conan: Hall of Volta. Elsewhere, there was the Ron Perlman-led Conan from 2007 for the Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3, as well as Funcom titles like Age of Conan: Unchiained and Conan Exiles. Now, Funcom is back to publish Conan Unconquered

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Conan Unconquered will release on PC in 2019 and will be developed by Petroglyph. Alongside an action-packed trailer, a release for Conan Unconquered describes it as a "high-pace strategy game where players face wave after wave of enemies in ever-increasing numbers and difficulty." Coming to Steam between April and June, Conan Unconquered will be set in the Hyborian Age and is based on Robert E. Howard's "Black Colossus" short story that was first published in 1933.

Playing solo or with a partner, Conan Unconquered tasks players with building the ultimate stronghold as they play in real-time. Note that gameplay can be paused to issue demands as waves of enemies add problems like mounting piles of corpses, fires, and ravaging disease to deal with. Players will start with only light foot soldiers before moving onto cavalry and heavily-armored units. The progression system will unlock famous Conan characters along the way — including the man himself — while these hero units will have special abilities and prove to be crucial in battle.

Sharing a stronghold with another player is an interesting feature as players work together to stop the hordes of giant scorpions and necromancers heading their way. It sounds like a suitably brutal Conan game that will live up to the 'Barbarian' part of his name. Considering Conan Exiles became the fastest-selling game in Funcom’s 25-year history, there's still a strong market out there for Conan games.

While Arnold Schwarzenegger's The Legend of Conan was shelved last year, at least the character's legacy lives on (in sorts) for Conan Unconquered. Funcom is also working on a single-player Conan game, but gamers will have to wait a little longer for more details on the project. In the meantime, look out for Conan Unconquered in 2019.

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Source: Funcom

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