Stephen Lang Talks 'Conan' & Khalar Singh's Awesome Weapon

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Fanboys may have just hit the aging action star jackpot with The Expendables, but for my money nobody brings the action harder than 58-year-old Stephen Lang. From his portrayal of the fierce Colonel Quaritch in the mega-blockbuster Avatar to his upcoming performance as the vicious Khalar Singh in Conan, Lang can take on tough guy roles like few other actors his age.

In a recent interview with MTV, Lang talked about his character in Conan and how he got to wield a pretty awesome weapon. Lang also mentioned how he got to kick Jason Momoa's ass "for almost two hours."

Lang described his weapon as "very cool and difficult to master."

"[The weapon is] a double-bladed parallel scimitar which can do all kinds of things, can break apart and can turn into a scythe. It requires tremendous dexterity and deftness and agility to handle it, none of which I've mastered!"

Lang went on to say that, while the photos of Jason Momoa make Conan look pretty ferocious, Singh is going to look pretty deadly himself.

"I wanted him to be like a knife. I wanted him, in profile, to almost disappear if possible. I actually have some photos that I am forbidden to show right now."

To watch MTV's full interview with Lang, check out the video below.

Like I said at the top of the article, few guys his age can bring the thunder quite as impressively as Stephen Lang. More than his physical abilities, however, I've always been impressed by Lang's positive attitude. Whenever he talks about his movies, he seems like he's having so much fun. It definitely makes me more interested in seeing Conan, which means Lang is doing his job.

We'll keep our eyes open for the first photos of Lang in Conan. The film, which also co-stars Ron PerlmanRose McGowan, and Rachel Nichols hits theaters (in 3D and 2D) on August 19, 2011.

Source: MTV

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