New 'Conan' O'Brien Ads Feature Blimps, Suds, and Exploding Cars

Conan O'Brien new TBS show Conan

Conan O'Brien's new TBS show, Conan, is less than a month away and Team Coco has fired up a handful of hilarious promos. Conan has kept busy flying blimps, washing cars, and blowing up 1969 Dodge Darts.

There is no question the red-headed wonder still has his charm.

Conan has released  quite a few short TV spots teasing his return -  and they are all worth watching. If you are unaware of the TBS media blitz promoting Conan's new show, you are missing out on the most hilarious moments on television right now. Even after Conan lost many of his most recognizable gags to NBC during the severance, he appears to have kept plenty of laughs stored in the vault.

One of the TV spots features Conan answering a fan mail question - regarding his longtime sidekick Andy Richter. If anyone was still unsure of Richter's involvement in the new show, the promo offers a definitive answer.

Conan O'Brien TV spots for Conan

The first TV spot is an extended cinematic teaser featuring nothing relevant to the show at all. Instead, Conan fills a 1969 Dodge Dart with 80 pounds of explosives, 40 gallons of gasoline, illegal fireworks from New Hampshire and 600 pounds of popcorn kernels - punctuated by an orchestra.

Not to be one-upped by a measly stunt double, Conan makes quick work of his stuntman and takes off for a cliff. Enjoy the aftermath and see if Conan survives the death-defying stunt in the video below.


The second TV spot is Conan's remake of the infamous Paris Hilton Carl's Jr. advertisement. Conan will likely get down and dirty with his new late-night spot on TBS, but in this spot he cleans up real nice. All he needs is a skimpy bikini and some secret sauce and this video would be NSFW. No worries, it's as safe as any video of a giant redhead hosing himself down.


As previously mentioned, for anyone still curious about Andy Richter's involvement in Conan, the following video will answer that mailbag curiosity. One thing is certain, Max Weinberg will not be a part of the show.


It's not surprising that Richter will be a part of Conan - since the two are essentially inseparable.

The rest of the Conan ads are different installments of the Conan Blimp spots. While it may sound like a joke, TBS did actually create a bright orange Conan blimp that hovers over sporting events in preparation for the new show. Frankly, if you ask me, they missed an opportunity to create a hot-air balloon in the shape of his iconic hair.





There are plenty of other TV spots on the Team Coco YouTube page. If we didn't post one that you love, copy a link in the comments section below.

What are some of your favorite Conan O'Brien moments that you hope to see on the new show?

Conan airs November 8th on TBS.

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