Conan O’Brien’s 30-Minute Format Show Gets A Trailer & Premiere Date

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Conan O’Brien’s bringing a new spin to his TBS late night series Conan, as the series will switch to a new 30-minute format for its ninth season, and the new trailer hints at what’s to come in 2019. The “longest-tenured host in late night,” O’Brien has gone from following hosting Late Night With Conan O’Brien on NBC to briefly taking over the desk at The Tonight Show, before that debacle saw him take his irreverent style of comedy to TBS, where he’s been since 2010. 

Now, O’Brien’s long-running series is set to get something of a refresh, as the comedian, writer, and producer expands his efforts across a variety of other platforms. In addition to his talk show, O’Brien has embarked on a travel series, Conan: Without Borders, and also launched a new podcast (because that’s pretty much expected of everyone nowadays), Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend.

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While O’Brien is committed to the Conan expanded universe (or multi-platform comedy empire), he’s still going to be on television. The only thing is, you can’t see what his show’s going to be like. At least not yet. Check out the trailer for the new Conan below:

“The show’s new format will continue to feature celebrity guests and Conan’s signature brand of comedy, which has made him one of the world’s most popular hosts across both digital and linear platforms. Conan continues to evolve the genre by challenging conventions, taking creative risks and discovering and fostering new comedic talent. Team Coco will continue the travel series, CONAN: Without Borders which won an Emmy in 2018.”

The trailer definitely plays up the multi-platform angle, turning O’Brien into a man of many hats, while at the same time proving the comedian to be on the cutting edge of late-night comedy. The swerve into doing a variety of different shows, all with roughly the same tenor and appeal (namely, O’Brien himself) might feel like a drastic move away from the usual interview style for which he’s been known for nearly three decades, but it also demonstrates the degree to which the comedian knows his audience and is willing to give them something other late-night hosts can’t. 

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Conan returns January 22, 2019 @10pm on TBS.

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