Conan Gets 'Justice' Selling Two Pilots to NBC

Less than a week after his last appearance as host of The Tonight Show, Conan is already getting back into bed with NBC by selling the network two television pilots, Justice and The Pink House, from his production company, Conaco.

Justice is an hour-long series written by John Eisendrath (Felicity, Alias) that follows an ex-Supreme Court justice who quits to start his own legal practice and is being described as a new take on a law show with a larger-than-life character at the center.

The Pink House is a half-hour multi-camera comedy concept show. While not much is known about it, one can assume that it would involve a house and possibly the color pink, but that’s just a guess. I could be wrong.

I gotta say, with NBC’s track record of canceling shows and Conaco’s track record for producing shows that get canceled, it seems as if we’ve got a match made in cancellation heaven. Sadly, that also means we might never see either of these projects come to light.

Still, there’s nothing like taking a couple extra paychecks from your former company to make your morning coffee taste that much better.

Maybe it’s just me, but neither of these shows really sound all that great. Sure, one of them is just a color and a structure and the other is a short synopsis, but I’m just not feeling them. Although, maybe it’s all the coffee I drank because I’m not really feeling my arms or face right now.

What do you think? Any chance these shows will take off? Are you looking forward to a “new take” on a law show? Anyone need their house painted?

Let’s hear it!

We’ll be sure to keep you up to date as we hear more news about Justice and The Pink House.

Source: Coming Soon & NY Post

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