Conan O'Brien Offering Free Show Tickets to Comic-Con Attendees

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Throughout his long run on late night TV, a whole lot of Conan O’Brien’s bits have taken place far from the studio. There was his classic “town ball” bit, his visit to the (female) prime minister of Finland, Tarja Halonen, who looked exactly like him, his historic special in Cuba earlier this year, and even the time when the Masturbating Bear parachuted into Chicago. And since going to TBS, the now Los Angeles-based host has always been reinvigorated on the occasions when the show has returned to New York.

Now, Conan will take another trip, this time south, with what’s likely to include large amounts of the nerd-friendly humor with which the host has long been associated, most recently through his frequent Clueless Gamer skits and other video game-related content.

TBS’ Conan will broadcast four shows from San Diego Comic-Con later this month, and free tickets became available Wednesday, with Comic-Con attendees eligible. The tickets are going through the TeamCoco site and as of late Wednesday night all of the San Diego dates remain “open” and not sold out, including a rare-for-Conan Saturday show. Multiple Twitter users, however, reported that they have been waitlisted for tickets.

O’Brien’s show will air, from San Diego’s Spreckels Theater July 20-23, and is using the hashtag #ConanCon. Conan’s show also broadcast from Comic-Con and the same theater last year, producing a spoof of Mad Max: Fury Road and other memorable bits; further back in Conan history, correspondent Triumph the Insult Comic Dog paid a visit to SDCC back in 2008:

O’Brien has already announced plans to interview the casts of both Suicide Squad and HBO's Silicon Valley, with more announcements likely to come in the two weeks before the shows. With so much of Hollywood in San Diego for the event, the show is likely to have no shortage of material either for guests or remote bits from on and around the convention floor. Might Triumph, who sat out the 2015 Comic-Con, make a long-awaited return visit to SDCC?

The only downside to Conan going to San Diego for Comic-Con? His stint there will overlap with the final two days of the Republican National Convention, causing the show to miss out on the goldmine of comedy likely to take place there.

Once again, Conan’s week of shows July 20-23 will tape in San Diego and air on TBS.

Source: TBS/Team Coco

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