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Following Conan O’Brien’s recent departure from The Tonight Show, rumors began to spread that since he’s contractually barred from returning to television until September, the red-haired (former) talk show host was thinking about taking his act to the stage for a country-wide tour. Today it looks like there may be some truth to such rumors, as the first date for O'Brien's stage show has been announced. Where’s the show premiering? Phoenix, AZ.

This morning Ticketmaster listed a new event by the name of “Conan O’Brien” to be held at the Dodge Theater on Friday, April 30 at 8PM with tickets for the event going on sale Monday, March 8th at 10:00 MST. Now, before you think it may be a fluke, Ticketmaster has already confirmed that they are selling tickets to a Conan O'Brien stage show, but Conan’s reps have yet to comment.

It appears that right before we were going to post this story some phone calls were made because the event page on Ticketmaster has been taken down, but no need to worry about reps from the Dodge Theater have confirmed that the event is still happening.

Even though I have no idea what the stage show is going to be, I want to see it. I would buy tickets right now if I could. If anything, I'll buy tickets just to stick it to NBC for trying to hurt Conan’s notoriety by keeping him off TV for seven months.

If this news is true and Conan will be headed to Arizona for his first stage show, what would you like to see?  With NBC still holding on to Conan’s intellectual property, I’m not sure if he would be able to bring any of the fan-favorite characters with him or if that only applies to a broadcast medium.

If you’re in the area, don’t forget to get your tickets to the Conan O’Brien stage show on Monday March 8 @ 10M (MST)

[The story is still developing and we’ll update  as more information is made available…so check back!]

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Source: Ticketmaster (via: TMZ)

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