New 'Conan' Image Shows Jason Momoa in Action

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Production on Marcus Nispel's Conan remake has wrapped - on schedule for its summer 2011 release. While a lot of us were originally skeptical of the film, as well as casting Momoa, there's been a plethora of encouraging Conan news lately.

Today sustains the film's momentum, providing fans with a new look at Jason Momoa as Conan, this time in full-on action.

We've seen Momoa in a number of set photos, as well as looking tough in the first official Conan production image. But this represents our first look at Conan in all his violent glory. I have to admit, I was cautious about Momoa at first, but the new photo has gone a long way in convincing me that Momoa, not only looks the part, but can embody the brutality, and intensity, Conan fans have been hoping to see for a long time.

The image showed up on the Conan Movie Blog - which credits an unnamed Spanish magazine as the original source.

conan jason momoa action

Pretty cool right?

The new image adds to the recent blitz of reassuring Conan news, including an interview with villain Stephen Lang, as well as a number of intriguing casting choices.

A lot of us were unsure of what to expect from Conan - following the announcement of Momoa in the title role. Screen Rant regulars probably remember that Momoa is best known for his role as Ronon Dex on the Stargate: Atlantis TV series, as well as a regular run on Baywatch as well as North Shore. Momoa did a solid job on Stargate, but his limited big-budget feature work made him a risky choice for the iconic role.

That said, Stargate fans would probably agree that Momoa has leading man potential, and it would have probably been equally risky for Nispel to cast a well-known actor as Conan. Instead, it seems as though the director made a genius move - casting a convincing-enough beefcake and surrounding him with a well-established, and interesting, cast - which includes Stephen Lang, Rose McGowan, and Ron Perlman.

Shooting for the Conan remake is done, now it's up to Nispel's work in the editing room. I can't help but say, I'm feeling cautiously optimistic.

What do you think of Jason Momoa's action packed Conan image? How are you feeling about Marcus Nispel's Conan remake?

Conan will be released in the summer of 2011.

Source: Conan Movie Blog

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