Conan The Destroyed?

It was rumored, but many didn't want to believe it. Now if Ain't It Cool can be believed it's fact.

He's one of the most divisive directors in the fanboy community, and famous for his multiple attachments to possible projects that never see the light of day.

However it now looks like Brett Ratner will be directing Conan!

Moriarty (aka Drew Mc Weeny) got an email from a scooper who apparently made a very persuasive case to suggest that Mr. Ratner would indeed be helming the new Conan film for Lionsgate.

This news broke last month at Dread Central, but considering that Ratner's name is attached to almost every film in development (and some which are not) it looked like a false alarm. Conan has been in development now for about a decade with everyone from John Milius to The Wachowskis attached to the project as it moved from Warners to Lionsgate. To put the film's gestation period into perspective - Arnold Schwarzenegger was in the frame to star at one point!

Nothing is officially official yet, so take this with a pinch of salt. Ratner is supposed to be directing Beverly Hills Cop 4 for Paramount, a film which is being fast tracked (as is Conan) so it'll interesting to see which one pops first.

Conan has no cast attached yet - so it would appear that Cop has the advantage because they already know that Eddie Murphy is up for more Axel Foley, but it's going to a bit more difficult finding a new Conan. How many musclemen out there can act, and I don't mean in the wrestling way?

Will Ratner direct Conan?

Who knows, but at least it sounds like we might see Conan this decade.

Source: AICN

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