Conan's Father Is Ron Perlman, Not Mickey Rourke

The upcoming reboot of Conan The Barbarian continues to gain momentum with impressive casting decisions. Days after announcing Stephen Lang as the villain Khalar Singh, Vulture reports that Conan's father, Corin, will be played by Ron Perlman.

The original buzz had Mickey Rourke fathering the Conan, getting fans of the franchise in a frenzy of anticipation. Instead, Rourke has apparently signed on to star in another epic, War of the Gods.

Either way, this seems like good news. The producers of Conan are clearly keeping the cast on a smaller scale, and while anything Mickey Rourke does is gold these days, Perlman brings a different but equally compelling level of grit to his performances. As is the custom with reboots and iconic characters of late, the lead roles are being donated to unknown actors, with Stargate star Jason Momoa portraying Conan. It will be interesting to see the both Stephen Lang and Ron Perlman simultaneously channeling and shaking off their memorable turns as Colonel Quaritch and Hellboy, respectively.

If you need a reason to fear the 2011 adaptation, director Marcus Nispel is your source of worry. In a career defined by work in the music video industry, he has directed three features: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Pathfinder, and Friday the 13th. On second thought, he seems to be an expert in remaking films that have already been pushed to their limits. Oh, and did I mention MMA fighter Bob Sapp is still on board as a villain? I wonder when this trend of fighters-turned-actors will end, because it's already wearing thin.

The new version of Conan hopes to stay true to the original creation by Robert E. Howard, but the task of erasing Arnold Schwarzenegger's depiction is a daunting one.  It's hard to imagine anything topping the hilariously horrendous and legendary audio commentary on the original Conan The Barbarian DVD.

The hope for fans of this genre lies in a film that stands alone as an original epic, rather than a basic rehash of old tricks. At least Nispel has proven himself to be familiar with hacking and gore in two of his previous films...

Conan is slated for release sometime in 2011.

Source: Vulture

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