'Conan' and 'Fright Night' TV Spots: Blood-Thirsty Warriors & Vampires

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The same weekend next month marks the arrival of two (gory) 1980s movie reboots: A new Conan the Barbarian flick and the remake of the cult horror-comedy, Fright Night.

A red band international TV spot for Conan has made its way online, teasing more of the film's raw and bloody violence; the first Fright Night TV spot, by comparison, is for all audiences, but also hints at some nasty deaths and killing, courtesy of Colin Farrell's blood-sucker, Jerry.

Both these flicks are being released in 3D as well, though it doesn't seem like either one will be worth paying the extra cash to see in that format. Fright Night just looks too visually dark and murky to really benefit from 3D, while the extra dimension in Conan appears designed to merely enhance the illusion of blood spraying out at your face. Depending on your preferences, though, that may be exactly what you're looking for from these films anyway. :)

First, check out the NSFW Conan the Barbarian UK TV spot below:

Conan still looks as gloriously cheesy and violent as before, so you probably already know whether or not you want to give this one a look. Basically, if boatloads of over-acting, gory decapitations, and a growly-voiced anti-hero who runs around, either stabbing or shagging everything in sight, isn't your thing, then you'll want to take a pass on this reboot.

Fright Night, by comparison, is also supposed to be a pretty hard R-Rated pic, with lots of cursing, vampire-related violence, and Twilight jokes galore. The horror aspect of this film seems right on the money - but what about the humorous side of things?

For another taste of the film's approach to comedy, watch the Fright Night TV spot below:


So far, Fright Night seems to be aiming for a mix of grim supernatural horror violence and sly banter, much in the vein of screenwriter Marti Noxon's previous work on the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series. That arguably gives it a slight advantage over Conan, which should also offer a lot of gory bang for your buck - but seems to suffer from some pretty tepid dialogue at times.


Conan the Barbarian and Fright Night both hit theaters on August 19th, 2011. Which one (if not both/neither) will you be checking out on opening weekend?

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