15World War III – 2026-2053

Star Trek World War III

With various factions – such as the Eastern Coalition – dominating the entire planet, it doesn’t take long for war not only to break out, but to quickly escalate into the most costly conflict humanity has seen since World War II, back in the 1930s and ‘40s. After the

two-and-a-half-decade war winds down, 600 million people lie dead, and the planet is practically swimming in radiation following a rapid-fire launching of nuclear missiles, causing a practically planet-wide nuclear winter. Nearly all of Earth’s governments have fallen, allowing anarchy to reign supreme, but that doesn’t stop what’s left of them to convene in San Francisco in 2053 to sign an armistice and thereby bring World War III to an end.

Interestingly enough, Earth’s closest interstellar neighbors, the Vulcans – an alien species that was only able to overcome its extremely violent past by abandoning emotions and worshipping logic and reason – were able to detect the radiation emanating from the planet, but opted to leave those savage humans alone and let them figure everything out for themselves. It would make for a bad introduction of humans and color the two peoples’ relations for a while to come.

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