10 Most Compatible Marvel Characters, Based On Their MBTI®

In the Marvel world, there are couples so beloved that their pairings might as well be characters. Who is Reed Richards without his Sue Storm, and vice versa? Some of the most anticipated comic issues ever written were of these characters' weddings, and some of the worst fan revolts in history were over their breakups. One More Day, anyone?

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No matter which Marvel couples you ship, there will always be certain characters more compatible with others, and some who match well without ever truly becoming an item. Their personality traits, which can be measured by their Myers–Briggs® Type Indicator scores, can definitely be a predictive factor that helps determine whether or not they could form a lasting relationship.

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Nicholas Hoult as Hank McCoy and Sophie Turner as Jean Grey in X-Men Dark Phoenix
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10 Jean Grey And Beast

Nicholas Hoult as Hank McCoy and Sophie Turner as Jean Grey in X-Men Dark Phoenix

Back up. Jean and Hank McCoy? While the two have shared a romantic moment or two, they definitely aren't what people picture as the perfect couple. Yet they are quite compatible. Jean's "Protagonist," or ENFJ personality, makes her a better leader than dogmatic Scott, as she's a compassionate teacher who wants to help others succeed--at least, when she's not under the power of the Phoenix Force. Beast's INTP "Logician" personality pairs perfectly with an ENFJ. His imaginative, scientific mind works well with Jean's creative problem-solving.

This is practically sacrilegious for Grey's fans who love to see her paired with Wolverine or Cyclops. We can't blame Jean and Scott for splitting up after all they've been through and done to each other, but every time they come back around with a new plot twist we can't help but root for the original X-Men. And despite the roughness between Logan and Jean, there aren't many couples in the Marvel world with more passion. Sadly, Scott's ISTJ and Logan's ISTP personalities clash with Jean's. Ironically, the men should get along together instead!

9 Wanda Maximoff And Vision

They are two characters who could both be happy in their own perfect bubble outside of work while simultaneously committing to bettering the world while on the job. Wanda Maximoff and Vision, while an unconventional match, have nearly perfect MBTI matches. She's an INFP, or "the Mediator," and he's an INFJ, "the Advocate." Both are introverted feelers, intuitive and caring to the point of needing to save the world--a mission both have taken to the extreme on different occasions.

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Wanda's a bit more playful than her android lover, but it's really no wonder that they would fall in love. Scarlet Witch is practically a living Reality Stone, so what human (or mutant, for that matter) would perfectly match her otherwise? The upcoming series featuring the pair should really emphasize this.

8 Daredevil And Karen Page

Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page and Charlie Cox as Matt Mudrock in Daredevil

It's a travesty how Karen Page ended in the comics, and she's had much better treatment in the MCU Netflix series, but one definitely portrays her more as "the love of Matt's life" than the other. Personality-wise, she really is, as she's the extroverted ENFP "Campaigner" that compliments Daredevil's introverted INFJ "Advocate" MBTI® score. Both are warm, intuitive people who trust their gut instincts, and Karen's free spirit helps balance Matt's brooding vigilante double life.

In contrast, Matt's other flames really aren't compatible with him at all. Black Widow, for example, is an ISTP, and Elektra Natchios is an ESTP.

7 Nebula And Thor

It's almost ridiculous that Thor and Nebula would be a perfect compatibility match, but their MBTI® results make them ideal together! Nebula, an ISTJ or "the Logistician," is all about logic and getting what she wants through hard work. Thor, an ESTP "Adventurer," is blunt, entertaining and all about taking action.

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Both Thor and Nebula are direct and honest to a fault, and both live in the here and now. As ludicrous as it sounds, they have just been thrown on the same team. The two have endured so much over the past decade in the MCU that they certainly deserve some happiness. Perhaps a pairing wouldn't be as weird as it sounds. No, it would still be weird, but given the tone of both Guardians of the Galaxy films and the direction Ragnarok went, weird can be a good thing. So much for all those Thor/Captain Marvel memes, eh?

6 Spider-Man And Mary Jane Watson

Spider-Man and Mary Jane Wedding Comic

As an idealistic and earnest "Champion," or ENFP, Spider-Man craves novelty and new experiences, which Mary Jane, also an ENFP, can give him. Despite Peter's insistence that he craves normalcy, both of these characters would be bored with humdrum everyday experiences, which is why they're so adventurous in the first place.

Both of these characters excel at not only inspiring others, but drawing passion out of one another. Despite their ups and downs, they both value mutual respect and one another's opinions, which is the only way a superhero romance with a regular human being can work. The dissolution of their marriage, aforementioned earlier in One More Day, had fans roaring with rage.

5 Gambit And Rogue

Rogue and Gambit

Oh, Remy and Rogue, how you've managed to both draw in a crowd of fans and disappoint them over the years. These two have major issues, but the current run of Mr. and Mrs. X has us enjoying the ride, even if it often feels more like fanfiction than a Marvel arc. It's still the kind of fanfiction we love to read!

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As an ENTP, "the Debater," Gambit is the king of smooth talking and enjoys playing Devil's advocate. Why else would he be so attracted to the one person he literally can't touch? Rogue, an INFP, is altruistic and and passionate as "the Mediator," and often misunderstood. Their rational and idealist personalities balance one another, even if their actions sometimes prove otherwise.

4 Storm And Black Panther

As an ENTJ, or "The Commander," Black Panther pairs ideally with Storm, an ESFJ or "Consul." It's no wonder the two shared a romance and were even married before it was annulled. Both are inspiring leaders, and when you pair his confidence and charisma with her strength and sensitivity, it's easy to see why they made such a good team.

Unfortunately their respective senses of duty are also what eventually drove them apart, and his criticism of her choosing the X-Men over Wakanda in battle hurt her to her core. T'Challa and Ororo remain close friends who even express friendly jealousy over each other's new love interests.

3 Cable And Domino

As an ESTJ, Cable is a classic "Executive," making him the perfect match for an ISTP, or "Virtuoso," like Domino. Why wouldn't a skillful mercenary be the perfect fit with the man who gets the job done? Cable's keen leadership makes him the ultimate authority figure of X-Force and Domino's nontraditional, freedom-loving style helps shake him up and keep him on his toes.

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It's too bad that these two compatible characters didn't actually make a go of it since Copycat was posing as Domino the entire time the power couple were together. We're still heartbroken that so many of those stolen moments were all a scam.

2 Spider-Man And Gwen Stacy

As much as MCU fans adore Mary Jane Watson, longtime readers of Spider-Man's adventures often prefer Gwen Stacy as Spidey's main squeeze. Gwen and Peter are both ENFP types, or "Champions," which makes them an excellent match. One of the four idealist types, the Champion is passionate, inspiring and thrives on novel, new experiences. There's a reason neither Peter nor Gwen can stay away from danger.

Champions are the most enthusiastic people, which is easy to see from any of Spidey's MCU appearances, and they are so authentic and earnest that it's nothing short of charming. These two kids might be the cutest together, but they're also simply kindred spirits.

1 Sue Storm and Reed Richards

Fantastic Four - Invisible Woman Brainstorm Mister Fantastic Power House

If any Marvel couples are better known as a pair than as separate characters, the Invisible Woman and Mister Fantastic make the top of the list. Reed Richards is an ENTJ, "the Commander," as many team leaders and founders are. He's a brilliant scientist who logically and effectively leads his team, so it's no wonder that his wife, Sue Storm, is an INFJ, or "the Advocate," whose idealistic desire to improve the world makes her his perfect partner. She even carried the team in his absence.

Like many couples on this list, these two have evolved so much over the years, and despite the many hardships they've endured with one another, they always come out stronger.

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